BlogDay 2006

BD06.jpgBlog Day 2006. (The entry from the one in 2005 can be read here). Global Voices Online asks us to answer a few questions even as we discover a few blogs. I am not going to answer all of them, but just attempt a few.

What do you blog about mainly?
Hemph. So many things. Anything that catches the eye, ear or annoys the hell out of me.

What motivates you to keep blogging even if (like most bloggers) you’re not paid much for it?
I am not paid anything to blog. The ad-revenue from this blog is close to negligible. I blog because I cannot talk all the time. It’s an extension of my talkativeness really. Besides, it’s nice to jot down stuff somewhere and have others come waste their time reading it. So much fun really.

Is your audience mainly inside your own country or around the world?
Hhmm. Actually most of it is from the US I think. Some from the UK (where I temporarily live) and a large part from India. But it’s when my stats counter ticks registers IPs from Germany, Sweden, France, South Africa, Japan and Chile that I really begin to wonder who the reader is.

What do your family and friends think about the fact that you are a blogger?
They begin sentences with “You cannot blog this but…” On a more serious note, I think the friends who don’t bother to read my blog miss out on a big part of my life. And many people who read my blog have become my friends. Family is rather comfortable with it. In fact I feel thrilled when my mom or dad comment on a post or refer to something from the blog. I suspect though, that like all my other readers, they quietly skip the bits about poetry.

Does your boss know you have a blog?
Always. Then they bribe me to write nice things about them. An ex-boss religiously reads my blog. (RK Sir – *Wave*) But then it was my tenuous relationship with a boss that pushed me into blogging in the first place. I think it’s impossible for me to hide the fact that I blog.

When you blog, how would you describe what you write? Is it part of a conversation? Is it ranting? Is it a daily diary? Is it journalism? Is it some or all of these things at different times? Does the definition matter?
All of the above. Really. Except perhaps for journalism. It’s about the things that I read, see and am affected by. Issues that I have an opinion on. It’s like my living room really. Shelves full of books, music in the background and conversation. Like all living rooms though, it gets to be moody and grumpy sometimes. Writing doesn’t always come easy to me, but it’s the only way I really know to express myself.

Five Blogs

While last year I listed five blogs, am not going to do the same this year. Mostly because I link to stuff the year through. So go – and explore somehow!

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  2. Well.. u have one more reader from Germany.. 🙂
    Keep going..