Tata Inkyji

Inkyji is saying Goodbye to student life in London. I had her over at home for lunch last week and fed her with some standard fare that she appeared to like. We walked over to St Katherine’s Docks – an area our prolific London loving Inky hadn’t spied on before.

pigeonstarbucks.jpgShe drank her tea and I ate my muffin. We looked with utter disgust and awe at the fat pigeons on the next table who were making a meal out of crumbs stuck to muffin paper cups. In London, the pigeons don’t fly. They dawdle. They walk. They even cross the streets without flapping their wing by an inch. They climb staircases, not fly up a level. They will eat close to anything. If you’re in a high pigeon-population area, you need to be careful not to step on a pigeon. I won’t be surprised if the pigeons here are part of Trade Unions either. They might make interesting Commies.

I’ve met Inky but a few times. But she has a nice way of pinging with offers to walk in and finish your lunch, or take you out for a ghoomi-ghoomi. She also does some decent threats online if you don’t do what she asks you to do. Besides, she likes puns. ‘Tis with a heavy and slightly pigeon-filled heart that we say ByeBye to London Waali Inkyji. Her padhai in London has finished and by the time I am back from India, she’d have been gone already.

Tata Inky. May you find nice pigeons to gawk at wherever you are!

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0 Responses to Tata Inkyji

  1. WA says:

    Oh I do like St.Katherine’s dock, haven’t been there for good couple of years though 😦 Maybe we should all get together and have a small bloggers meet there 🙂

    PS: Inkyji, Good luck with whatever you are upto next


  2. Anil says:

    In Mumbai, they fly. But I’m not sure if they would have if there was enough space in the city to walk, and dawdle 🙂