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Lali and the Mathematician

Something in the blogosphere just got a little less esoteric. Lalita and her Resident Mathematician have a brief discussion on “Recursion”. “A function can be thought of as a sort of mathematical vending machine. If you put in a certain … Continue reading

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Ready, Steady, Charity 8

Eighth. Words: burp, goddess, disposable Appa, she asks, Why did she write about the God of Small Things? His paternal self, rising like a burp through his belly fills the air with food and tradition. Sour and somewhat undigested. Does … Continue reading

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Poem: A mother and daughter on Cooking

Taken in an Italian restaurant yesterday in Farringdon. The red and the yellow in the tray was almost Desi. Thanks Gi-Ve – for Lunch and Conversation. Her mother writes: I let deep sighs into my womb, when your husband’s mother … Continue reading

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Ready, Steady, Charity 7

Seventh. Words: Triceratops, velvet, tabla The Master comes everyday from 11 AM to 1 PM. Two hours of the day when she learns music, reluctantly. She didn’t need any intellectual pursuits she told Venkat. But, Hindustani allowed for a certain … Continue reading

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Global Voices Conference in Delhi: Help required.

The annual Global Voices Online conference is in Delhi this year on the 16th and 17th of December 2006. The conference is scheduled at the India Habitat Centre. The first day is open to anyone who is part of Global … Continue reading

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Daily Angst Fix

Just how many people go about looking for their daily angst fix? Someone just got here searching for Tamil sad blogs. I think we should have a special Mope category at PutVote. As for me, I have a trusted list … Continue reading

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Poem: Hyde Park for an Iyer

She tells him to come in December, so they can see small ducks freeze their butts in the Serpentine. The Geese make eyes, like Bharatanatyam dancers. I will hold your hand, tell you stories. This bird was a fat priest, … Continue reading

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