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Bangalore, names and Nehambal

From tomorrow, Bengaluru shall sit squat in Karnataka. Technically, this is the last day the city shall be Bangalore. Kamla writes on the issue of name change I don’t know how many of you are able to handle the name … Continue reading

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Fried Coke etc.

I am not busy or overwhelmed by work. If anything, I am overwhelmed at how skilled I am at wasting time on irrelevant things. As for temporary distractions, I am amazed by this one, A new fast food is making … Continue reading

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Women, you are meat. (Eat yourselves)

Really, why would anyone say such a thing? Sheik Hilali, Australia’s Mufti since 1989, was quoted as saying: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or … Continue reading

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Links for 2006-10-27

BBC NEWS | Sex worker bank plans expansion “The Usha Multipurpose Co-operative Society – usually referred to simply as Usha – was established by Rekha Chatterjee 12 years ago, specifically for sex workers who were fed up with existing banks … Continue reading

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Drop on leaf

SB kindly brought flowers yesterday. I think she was looking for pazhamFruits, but since the Underground in London doesn’t have fruit sellers, she settled for flowers. The London Underground doesn’t have florists either. While sprinkling water on them today, camera … Continue reading

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Fans and Wrestlers at Brick Lane

You know how sometimes you meet people after about 28 months or so, and conversation picks up from some random thread. You immediately talk of all the gross things and trade story for story. I met SB today for coffee/ … Continue reading

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Caterpillars for lashes anyone?

I have no idea why, but this creeps me out. Eyelash transplant surgery wants to become the new must-have procedure for women — and the occasional man — convinced that beauty is not so much in the eye of the … Continue reading

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