Ready, Steady, Charity 10

Tenth. Words: Goldilocks, Teen Taal, mamanaar ((Father-in-law))

He’s dying in his sleep,
or maybe the afternoon
has become so hot that
each limb breathes, exists

On its own. He wonders if
Goldilocks talked to her hair,
Like he murmurs to and
scolds his arthritic knee

The ceiling fan, its cap
loose, goes Dha Dhin Dhin
Dha, Dha Dhin Dhin Dha, Na
Tin Tin Na, Tete Dhin Dhin

Dha. His dead wife,
draped in indigo appears. Teen
Taal she says, he nods and
she vanishes. Fat air of

The afternoon gobbled her. He
looks at the stern photograph
of his mamanaar, asking “Why
did you not teach her to

Live for longer, as well you
taught her to annoy me with
the names of taals and leaves?”.
Frustrated, the afternoon dies.

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0 Responses to Ready, Steady, Charity 10

  1. Lalita says:

    Dhin dhinna dhinna dhinna; na dhin dhin na, na dhin dhin na: repeat ad infinitum. Wunnerful, Neha.


  2. @Neha: It gets better with each stoty… 😀