No more DesiPundit

Good things must come to an end. Or they become heavy, drag around and become irrelevant. Thus it must be, that the link loving Desipundit shuts down. Over the weekend, Patrix sent in a mail to the other Desipundit contributors about shutting DP down, and while some of us expressed surprise, it makes sense to close it. Ash has a post about it here.

While my own personal commitments do keep me busy, I am not yet the President of any country and do have time on my hands. When DP started it was one of the first places to do everyday links. Which was a shift away from the Weekly/ (moody) Monthly Blog Melas. It was highly relevant then. It gathered a consistent readership. But over time, I was getting a little annoyed with the constant nitpicking of some select readers who accuse that DP contributors were biased. Of course we are biased. How can you not be biased towards a better piece of writing? But as Ash also points out, it dilutes some of our own more personal blogging experience.

Being a DP contributor has been intensely rewarding in many ways. Not just the excuse to read many blogs, but being able to closely observe the various blogospheres and look at the patterns of communication between them. Interacting with these fine folks on an everday basis has been wonderful. It also means that we are privy to many conversations that I will miss. I’ve loved linking at DP, enjoyed the comment wars, the humour in self-aggrandizement and the sheer fun in receiving hat tips. There’s also a certain heaviness to this that I cannot place. DP has been a big part of my online life and routine. Goodbye DP!

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  1. Nilu says:

    Oh no! who will shape the identity of the desi blogosphere now?


  2. Nilu: How clever you are! Now go write something profound about this. πŸ™‚


  3. Lalita says:

    Sic transit gloria mundi

    I will miss DP


  4. Neo says:

    This is really sad. DP is like my daily dose of newspaper.
    Really miss u guys and if possible if you can not close DP.

    M willing to contribute or help in any manner


  5. Nilu says:

    nice sarcasm kid.


  6. Ravages says:

    The select reader who nitpicks kinda misses DP. Now, atleast. Oh well.


  7. I wouldn’t call DP a today’s times (no pun intended) DP is far better than any newspaper.

    Neha – a big thank you for all the stuff you’ve given me via DP. I might be an elitist making fun of the language of the oppressor (sorry, I couldn’t help that!) but I will still hope for a comeback. You will be missed.


  8. Ash says:

    Hi Neha, thanks for linking my post. It was the best way I could articulate my reasons for DP’s closure. I’m afraid in all that explaining, I missed writing about the fun we had a DP contributors !

    Working with DP was great fun, but the best part was the internal camaraderie. I hope we get to meet up someday … you have an open invitation if you ever end up in Houston, TX πŸ™‚


  9. sepoy says:

    hmm. thats rather harsh. perhaps a digg-ish model?


  10. Lalita: Trust me – I am going to miss DP quite a bit as well. πŸ™‚

    Neo: It makes me really sad too. I read a lot of blogs anyway, and for me DP was the place I could post stuff that I couldn’t quite post at GV. Let’s see how things go..

    Nilu: Coming from you..

    Ravages: Face it – it’s easier to nitpick on something that is actually DOING something. If it was completely irrelevant or too tiny for your consideration why would it bother you at all.

    Bombay Addict: We’re all still around. Who knows – in sometime from now if we all that the Linker’s Itch – DP will be back.

    Ash: Surprisingly enough we’ve never had any fights in the team! Which is really cool given the number of people and how different we all are. Loved linked with you at DP – but at the same time I am glad – you no longer have any excuses not to blog frequently enough.

    sepoy: Yes, this is – harsh in its own way I suppose. But there are enough Digg-like sites doing the rounds. However, I suppose the challenge as always is not in finding the space, but in building a community. Given that DP already has a community – it wouldn’t be tough to implement it – but since DP was never democratic from day one – I wonder how far that reflects the community’s willingness to indulge in that either.

    Anyhow, DP is just another website. others will spring up to fill the vacuum. What made DP unique was also the contributors. Though I am pretty much in favour of handing over the domain name etc to some folks who are interested enough to keep it going. God knows I might want to get back to it in a week’s time.


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  12. Sunny says:


    Neha I think you should take over! πŸ˜‰


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  14. Abi says:

    After reading the posts by Ash, Patrix and you, I still feel that DesiPundit should carry on with more volunteers (probably, chosen by the community through a vote), while those who wish to relinquish the responsibility being listed as ‘bloggers emeriti’.

    The ‘Digg’ model, however, is a no go, right from the word go. I remember some Digg-type sites that ended up promoting porn sites to the top; while there may be work-arounds, it’s more work than it’s worth. Particularly since Patrix’s stated reason is that he’s getting more and more strapped for time!


  15. Patrix says:

    It was great having you on board DesiPundit and was nice working with you. You have corrected pointed out that it was just a website after all and you are already doing a great job at Global Voices. It has been a hard decision for me too but in the long run, it is for the best. Of course, I’ll still be around, whether I am welcomed by desi bloggers is another matter πŸ™‚