Fans and Wrestlers at Brick Lane

You know how sometimes you meet people after about 28 months or so, and conversation picks up from some random thread. You immediately talk of all the gross things and trade story for story. I met SB today for coffee/ aloo parantha. She was a batchmate at TISS and has a wicked sense of humour. I mean wicked.

So I treat her to coffee which I think she liked, and bought her an aloo parantha at Brick Lane. I took her to this small little place called Sweet and Spicy. We look at the ceiling and spot a fan that reminds me of a cross between a government quarter fan in Delhi and a bauble filled Magpie’s nest. Sweet and Spicy apart from providing really cheap food, has wonderful posters of wrestlers on their walls. I wonder who these pehelwaans were and why they’re up on the walls here. Maybe someday I’ll actually ask.

London/ Pehelwaans on the wall

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0 Responses to Fans and Wrestlers at Brick Lane

  1. Sangeeta says:

    looks as though the head’s of those men have been added to the bodies of the pehelwaans 🙂

    Oh that would turn me of my food ..


  2. anantha says:

    Hmm.. interesting. One of the pehelwans is Nawaz Sharif! 🙂


  3. Bala says:

    Whats a parantha? I have never heard of it.

    I have heard of Paratha – which is what I presume you mean here.


  4. km says:

    Looks like those wrestlers consumed one aloo paratha too many…


  5. Mezba says:

    Is this the Bengali Brick Lane from London, as in the famous novel Brick Lane? Those pahelwaans really should take some actual body building lessons from Hritick Roshan.


  6. Sangeeta: C’mon, be a sport! It’s rather fun actually!

    Anantha: I have no idea what Nawaz Sharif is doing in the poster between cigarette packets though. Though SB has asked me to let her know when I found out. 🙂

    Bala: The word actually is pronounced Parantha, as is written such in most recipe books and menu cards. Paratha = Parantha. Life is good!

    km: Haha! Yes, true. Maybe that’s a poster of an Akhada sponsored by a tobacco company? Mind boggles.

    Mezba: Oh yes, the very same Bangladeshi Brick Lane. My favourite bit has to be the Bangla street signs!


  7. Bala says:

    I knew it – I was messing with you anyway — Hindi and its nasal sounds are often difficult to reproduce in english.