Drop on leaf

SB kindly brought flowers yesterday. I think she was looking for pazhamFruits, but since the Underground in London doesn’t have fruit sellers, she settled for flowers. The London Underground doesn’t have florists either. While sprinkling water on them today, camera was whipped out. The utter green ruins my eye. The sun is too moody in this country.

Water drop on Leaf

Things turn prettier by accident sometimes. My dog ate half a lipstick once and spat it out. Accidental nausea.

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0 Responses to Drop on leaf

  1. Vi says:

    That’s gorgeous!


  2. This is a real lovely picture!


  3. Sajith M says:

    Thats a really cool picture…
    How can you say that you are “Amateur (oh! sooo amateur) photographer”, when this would qualify you as a ‘pro’ 🙂