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On Pressure Cookers and Prestigious Institutions

Image pinched from here.Whenever somebody uses the word prestigious, I immediately have images of that heavy pressure cooker. I am serious. To me the word Prestige is irreversibly tied to a cooker. So when someone says they went to a … Continue reading

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Global Gender Gap: India at 98 out of 115

The World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report 2006 makes for interesting reading. As always one can always contest the weight for certain data, source for the data and the merit in ranking countries without recognizing contextual differences. While it may … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment 2: How Vishalakshi robbed the little one of laughter

She is not really a moody person. If by moody you mean someone whose moods change without one’s own volition, no, that’s not her then. But if observe very closely, you’ll notice that when she’s laughing very hard, to the … Continue reading

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Links for 2006-11-23

Portraits of Displacement – Photograph of a mother running on a street in Sri Lanka “This womens 15yr old son was abducted by the LTTE. She was desperately trying to run after the truck in which her son together with … Continue reading

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You gave him ‘Dating Allowance’?!?

I have been laughing uncontrollably ever since I read this – A court in Kanpur has issued a notice to Wipro chairman Azim Premji after the wife of one of the company’s employees alleged her husband had left her because … Continue reading

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Poem: Form filling in a dead city

The Historian sits at the foot of a staircase. On the form where his name must fit into very small, impossible little boxes, in block letters – his pencil draws little earthen lamps. In the event of the return, he … Continue reading

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Look Nervous – otherwise you are guilty

Am I alone in being confused by this? Aishwariya Rai apparently received some parcel with some money. She says it isn’t hers. Goes to the custom office. Fine till here. She is to meet a certain Mr Prasad of Additional … Continue reading

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