Corporate Social Responsibility: Reuters Live Event

Reuters Newsmaker - Social responsibility: whose business is it?

Have an opinion on Corporate Social Responsibility? Necessary or not? Viable, irrelevant or pointless?

From Global Voices

On Thursday November 9th, at 6:30pm EST (23:30 GMT / 05:00am Friday in India), Reuters will be hosting a live conversation about corporate social responsibility at its New York headquarters. …

According to the special web page built for the event: “Corporate responsibility is increasingly important in today’s global landscape, with companies taking a greater role in developing communities, working to reduce poverty and addressing the health of our planet.”

But are companies – multinational as well as local – making nearly enough effort to be socially responsible? You, our dear readers and community members, likely have a few opinions on this subject.

We hope you will express your views on your own blog (please tag your posts with CSR for “corporate social responsibility” in Technorati) or let us know what you think in the comments section of this post. We will be feeding relevant blog posts into a special section of the event page. …

Your participation is especially important because if you click on the event web page, you will see that the panel of speakers is, well, not exactly the most geographically, economically, or ethnically diverse panel we’ve ever seen – to put it mildly. [Link to the Live Chat during the session where you can login and participate – and even pose questions.]

If you’d like, please help us spread the word and get more friends to participate by putting a badge for the event on your blog [Badge code available at GV page]

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