Look Nervous – otherwise you are guilty

Am I alone in being confused by this? Aishwariya Rai apparently received some parcel with some money. She says it isn’t hers. Goes to the custom office. Fine till here. She is to meet a certain Mr Prasad of Additional Commissioner of Customs, Special Investigation and Intelligence Branch (SIIB). Which also sounds reasonable. But what amazed me is the fabulous skill with which our Mr Prasad determines the proceedings.

When asked, Prasad said that Rai was looking nervous. “Only the innocent person is nervous when called for questioning. The guilty comes confidently,” said Prasad hinting that Rai is innocent in the case. He also said that for the time being the Customs has given her clean chit.

Rai’s lawyer Girish Kulkarni claimed that she was not at all nervous. “You are nervous only if you are any way linked,” said Kulkarni.

Someone tell Rai’s lawyer to please state that Rai’s nerves were strung like harp’s. He isn’t going to get anywhere by contradicting Mr Prasad’s opinion. Next time you want to do something funny with the Customs – just look shit-nervous. That shall be your redemption.

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0 Responses to Look Nervous – otherwise you are guilty

  1. Pradeep says:

    I wonder why these guys don’t realise what they shoot off their mouths.


  2. Olive Ream says:

    So let me get this straight. If I am confident, I am guilty. If I am nervous, I am innocent. What if am moderatly nervous about being relatively confident, what would that indicate? … that I’m partially guilty or vaguely innocent?


  3. Olive Ream says:

    By the way Neha I love the Header images. I just perused through Header Art section and you have some amazing photographs there. I love the current Header as well – beautiful! No end to your talent is there?


  4. reshma anand says:

    i dont blame those guys…some people are really so bad at expressing emotion that whether they are trying to express fear, nervousness, anger, joy or whatever else…they end up with the same expression on their face!


  5. Sanket says:

    LOL… How stupid!


  6. Aditya Kuber says:

    Either look nervous or tell the customs dude to keep the packet. 😉 When you’re Ash, you can afford to lose Euros 23,000! Pocket change, I say!


  7. artismarti says:

    Well, if she looked nervous then she must have been nervous. It’s Aishwarya Rai, after all – she can’t act to save her life!


  8. Joe says:

    True..:) may be he doesnt know that ash can act 🙂
    But what I am think is, am I stupid in thinking that he is a stupid.. I mean he would have made fortunes by acting stupid.. How smart!