You gave him ‘Dating Allowance’?!?

I have been laughing uncontrollably ever since I read this

A court in Kanpur has issued a notice to Wipro chairman Azim Premji after the wife of one of the company’s employees alleged her husband had left her because the firm paid him a ‘dating allowance.’

Advocate Nandlal Jaiswal, who represented Tripti, said she filed a fresh case in the same court on Wednesday and made Premji and Pratik Kumar parties to the matter as her husband had allegedly left her because of a ‘dating allowance’ paid to him by Wipro. Tripti alleged this allowance had changed her husband’s behaviour towards her.

If her husband needs an allowance to change his behaviour, the allowance is the least of her problems. Really! Companies break down the salary into various components thanks to HR the Payroll Divison that come up with innovative labels to reduce the tax payable. (Or so I think.) I wonder what will happen to the hapless fellow/ felli who thought of this label. Meanwhile, are you suitably miffed that your employer doesn’t give you a dating allowance? Maybe they should change the component according to your marital status, or the status of marital bliss.

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  1. Falstaff says:

    :-). I wonder if the dating allowance is linked to performance? “Look, couldn’t you just invite me up to your place for a few minutes? I swear I won’t try anything – I just want to make my bonus.”


  2. Anon2 says:

    Daymn! My firm should give me dating allowance too. Maybe my social miasma will be cured it they did.


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  4. superash says:


    I work in WIPRO and i have not heard of any “Dating Allowance”. Lol, i find it hard to believe the lawyer actually accepted the case without cross checking the data. India is turing into the American way – “Everyone sues everyone”. 😉


  5. Sumanth says:

    Gaurav Nigam is a SaveIndianFamily(SIF) Member. I have counselled him when his parents were jailed for 3 days in Kanpur in a case of 498a.

    Can a marriage be saved after two old people(parents of the husband) are jailed for 3 days?

    The lady has been ill-advised by Lawyers and feminist NGOs.

    I asked him(on phone) at Press Conference at Bangalore.

    Did your wife ever beat you? Did your wife ever hit you?

    Gaurav: Yes. Yes. A lot of times….A lot of times…..

    God save Indian Soicety. Just last Sunday, a SIF member at Gujarat Rajesh Hasmukh Desai committed suicide. His wife had filed a case of 498a on 29th march.

    Police has nothing.

    Will Rajesh ever get justice?

    Is life or Rajesh cheaper than that of Jessica Lal?


  6. Sumanth: Take your SIF propaganda elsewhere. I don’t think Indian Society needs saving anyway. I am willing to admit that both men and women are victims – but it’s your anti-feminist, anti-liberal, anti-choice spiel that annoys me. I am in no position to comment about Gaurav Nigam’s honesty or his wife’s? Unless you witnessed it or have seen evidence – how can you believe hearsay?


  7. CoolGuy says:


    Its people like you who are far removed from reality. 4 out 5 Dowry cases in India are false.

    This dating case is an obvious one.

    More than the lawyer – who ofcourse lacks total brains – how did the court admit such a case?

    If a govt. employee’s wife files such a case – would the Prime Minister and HRD Minister be made responsible.

    Total Crap piece of law – and don’t be bigot.


  8. CoolGuy says:

    “how can you believe hearsay? ”

    Oh yes.. you have a point there.
    But the law states – arrest the family – based on hearsay. Yes that is exactly what the law states. It goes on to pointedly say – No evidence necessary. Unparallelled? heheh … it is!

    In a country where police is largely perceived to be corrupt – this is a great law from politicians with pea sized brains.


  9. Coolguy: You poor kid.


  10. Aditya Kuber says:

    I am still al little confused about what exactly a Dating Allowance is… I get nothing of the sort. Is that because I am married? 😉 Hm. Maybe I have another reason to sue my employer… maybe married people should get a ‘Do Not Date’ Allowance. Ok Sorry. bad one! But please can someone tell me what in god’s name this allowance is?


  11. Michel Salim says:

    Hmm. If the dating allowance is real, and is paid equally to male and female employees, then the wife can’t really complain – surely a married person could use it to treat the spouse to dinner, buy presents etc.? Depends on the wording, of course.

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