Demolishing buildings and creating ruins

It looks like ruins aren’t just remnants of distant history in this city. Real estate isn’t all that prime, because the city runs like quicksilver. So when a building is no longer worth living in, you move on and build something elsewhere. Almost a year after the demolition squads came and tore down the structures along MG road leading to Gurgaon, the buildings stand rather precariously.

Because of the way they have been demolished, I wouldn’t want to go 15 feet near them. But we’re creating these ruins everyday. And perhaps we’re used to seeing them in this city. When you drive by – really late at night, with the strange glow of halogen lamps lighting half the road, even demolition sites, ruins of enthusiastic traders make for strange resonance.

Delhi - Demolition Drive Delhi -  Demolition Drive

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  1. Rama says:

    You could not have put it better. In the half light, the hollow shell does take on a life of its own. When we were kids we used to be in awe of this ‘ruin’ of sorts (an incomplete building) and we were sure that ghosts walked its ‘rampants’ – nevermind the building could not have been more than a few years old and the only death it might have seen would have been that of a lost bat or something:)