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Indibloggies 2006

The Indibloggies are here. For those of you too cynical for such things, kindly skip this post. There is an element of good old mob control. From the site India‚Äôs first and very own desi blog awards, the Indibloggies are … Continue reading

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Poem: While she slept like Vishnu

The Ganges is alien to those who eat rice of the Cauvery delta, he says. She says she doesn’t care. She just needs her starch. White cotton, snakes its form with the midnight wind. All is a deep shade of … Continue reading

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Yes Minister

If there’s one thing I am grateful to the BBC for, it is the fabulous Yes Minister series. It redefined the word satire. Governance was suddenly refused to closed room volleyball of words and more words. The irony of course … Continue reading

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Poem: Abandoned dogs and lovers

My life lives in the hills, this pleasure in details perhaps makes me a miniaturist. Our dog, in her blood flows TeraiTerai: The Tarai (“moist land”) is a belt of marshy grasslands, savannas, and forests at the base of the … Continue reading

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A little snow in London, and the Big Freeze of 1963

The winter in this city so far has been rather moody. It wasn’t half as cold as the previous year. But over the last one week, the wind’s bite has gotten sharper. We woke up today to see a layer … Continue reading

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Shipwrecked, the girl who thinks and more racsim

For some people, it’s not enough that they place their foot in the mouth. They must also grab any passing feet and insert those in the gaping mouth as well. Britain and Channel4, still recovering from “Is she stupid, or … Continue reading

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What is the Hindi Blogosphere yapping about?

Ever wondered what murmurs are passing along in non-English blogospheres? Amit Gupta has joined Global Voices as a contributor and is volunteering to keep an eye out on the Hindi Blogosphere. His second post titled “Terrorism in Assam and Illegal … Continue reading

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