For the growth-loving sappy Indian in you

Just found this on YouTube.

The blurb says

This film is a journey through emerging India,” the fastest growing free market democracy in the world”. It celebrates the relentless spirit of the people of India, who through their karma give it a place amongst the leading economic nations of the world.
Conceived and produced by Bharatbala Productions (BBP) for India Band Equity Foundation (IBEF)

ibef.jpgI think it’s rather interesting that the “pitch” productions have finally gone a bit beyond advertising culture and heritage (despite the overarching “Hindu” touch). This one focuses entirely on infrastructure development and industry. Though, I couldn’t help but remember our classes on semiotics, where this would have been ripped apart. I suppose it’s the representation of what’s actually true in India – not enough women in the organized sector, and the women that are – they are in the supposedly “softer” professions. Though I loved this one particular shot of women in hard hats next to (farm?) machinery.

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  1. Shripriya says:

    Hits all the right notes – for the purpose. Also, I think it is good that they focused so much on manufacturing. That is going to be a huge factor in India’s growth, but all you really hear about is IT, IT, IT.

    Neha, I think the women are factory workers who manufactured the tractors? That’s my guess any way. 🙂

    While there’s a need and place for these India shining type ads, I sometimes find them really hard to deal with when we consider all the un-shining that’s going on.


  2. Shripriya: Yes, it’s rather nice that they focus on manufacturing and not just IT. I also noticed the references to medicine. You’re probably right about the manufacturing bit – and I wasn’t sure if it was a tractor or some other farm machinery. But women in hard hats – I like!