RSS in 1970

I don’t know why I still use Bloglines. Today, while checking feeds of a particular blog, I saw that Bloglines decided that a particular subscriber had been reading the feed since 1970!


Ze mind.. it boggles..

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0 Responses to RSS in 1970

  1. Amit Goyal says:

    I suggest you switch to Google Reader immediately!!


  2. Prasoon says:

    Ha ha..

    Well, to answer Amit – I must add that Google Reader isn’t perfect as such but yes, may be would do the job of staying updated 🙂

    Stats of “Subscribed since” actually don’t matter – right Neha?


  3. Amit Goyal says:

    I know. I wish we were in a world of perfect software. But then my wishes seldom come true.

    As for Google Reader, I think it is the best online RSS reader around, and if you team it up with Firefox and Greasemonkey, you get the best bet around. And believe me, you will love the tagging and feed sharing options.


  4. AS says:

    Google Reader is in beta yet and continues to improve with addition of features and functionality. Considering that you can sign in using your Google Account and allows easy import of subscriptions it should be a breeze switching to Reader.


  5. I do use Google Reader and a few other newsreaders. But Google Reader is a little unsuitable if you have more than 200 feeds. AJAX is nice – but somehow feels a bit overkillish!


  6. Amit says:

    This time is being displayed because thats the UNIX epoch time, 0000 hours UTC on 1st Jan 1970. The clear reason for this display is that due to some problem in their program code, the value being parsed for time is zero!! 😉 Let them know of the problem & I think they’ll fix it! 🙂