Defining Love (in caps) at Rediff

At this rate I might have to announce my retirement soon. Rediff is the source of so much joy. From the front page I chanced on Rediff’s special on Existential Questions. Sample this “Can someone define LOVE“. Yes, love in caps. Not the lower case kinds. Existential Questions become even more complicated when certain terms of reference are in caps. What’s better, this guy gets 48 responses in 4 hours. Seriously, I should consider retirement.


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  1. ange says:

    some of the answers on there are classic cases of hilarity!

    for example:

    63. jayakumar niranjan: LOSS OF VALUABLE EDUCATION
    4. sundareswaran kumar: For a foriegner Love is a something which can be tried and tested. For Indian Culture Love is accepting as you are. This is exactly what ur mom does. THis is exactly your wife has to do and this is exactly what you expect from your friends.
    22. jiten shah:
    Land of sorrows
    O : Ocean of tears
    V : Valley of Death
    E : End of Life….

    :: /me is completely gobsmacked

    now am trying this capitalization way of asking questions with “can someone please define RACISM”


  2. ange says:

    rediff don’t know how to spell saudi arabia in the drop down of select country list, they’ve gone and spelt it as saudia arabia LOL!

    spread some love and answer the q (sorry for rediff plug but..let’s see how this one goes):



  3. Aspi says:

    Hey, how abot my favorite:

    “Love is a feeling you feel, when you feel your feeling a feeling. (Read some where) ”

    Now, that should be enough to put everyone into retirement. Alas, some of us are stubborn.


  4. Vi says:

    Love number 4 (currently) in the “Recent Questions” tab: “What is sex?”


  5. km says:


    I would love to click on that link. OR I could just stab myself in the eye. Is there a site with a worse design? (rhetorical question, don’t need to be told about and ToI :))


  6. That is funny.

    Like KM points out, the site design sucks in India. Take any major player, sify, rediff and all the papers, whats with trying to make so much money out of advertising.

    The only think I like is the new Hindu website. which lets you view their print version. No ad’s.