Poem: Abandoned dogs and lovers

My life lives in the hills, this
pleasure in details perhaps
makes me a miniaturist. Our
dog, in her blood flows TeraiTerai: The Tarai (“moist land”) is a belt of marshy grasslands, savannas, and forests at the base of the Himalaya range in India, Nepal, and Bhutan, from the Yamuna River in the west to the Brahmaputra River in the east. [From Wikipedia],
still shivers up above the valley.

Your love belongs to the high
altitudes. It flowed from your
toes, resting under the dog’s
fawn belly. Warming her innards,
while you fed her ripe oranges.

She spends her days, wagging,
panting, moving from room to
room, in search of your toes. I
struggle to explain in mutt tongue.
Dogs, do they understand death

Better than abandonment? Unlike
her, I comprehend only your details.
Like those two strands of gentle,
vanishing gray are sharper to my
memory than the river of black.

The sun is out today, and you
become the invisible silhouette,
she keeps checking under her soft,
nearly furless belly for your toes, as
I hound you in my lines, my poetry.

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0 Responses to Poem: Abandoned dogs and lovers

  1. Fifth In Line says:

    Amazing! I just finished reading Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai, so my mind is still swirling with the hills and fog. This poem really adds to that ache. You appear to frequently write about love in your poems – but this one really takes the cake. It’s one of your finest pieces. God bless you Neha!


  2. Riya says:

    Really nice..this is my first time on your blog, i will keep visiting for more 🙂


  3. km says:

    you fed the dog oranges?


  4. megha says:

    Oranges? For the doggie?

    Then again I’ve known dogs who have devoured things far stranger than an orange.


  5. ./w says:

    I have always enjoyed poems that end with ‘poetry’. This one was no exception.



  6. Fifth In Line, Riya, ./w: Many thanks.

    km: My dog used to love oranges. You couldn’t peel one open without him wagging his tail @ 100 times a minute.

    megha: Yes, my dog also loved grapes and thayir saadam.


  7. mumbaiKar says:

    Dogs are wonderful! I have a 13 and half year old labrador retriever. I rescued her when she was just 3 months old. As a child growing up in Mumbai, I sawstray dogs in Mumba every day. I wanted to get one for myself. I had to wait till I got to the US. I still want to help the dogs in Mumbai. I would hate to see an epidemic similar to the bird flue that would wipe these friends of us out. Mumbai would not be same without them.