Snow in London, Frozen Hands etc.

Last week, a minuscule 2 cms of snow, caused London to halt. With about 10 cms of snow today, the city is turning white, grey and very still. People appear to disappear inside their woolies. My umbrella has a nasty habit of turning into a U-shaped cup. Before you know it the flakes turn to ice cold water on the jacket and seep through to the inside.

It’s easy to see why Comfort-Food sales will go up. And as I attempted taking photographs, my hands were curiously steady because they were frozen. I have to admit that London does look slightly pretty, but the horror of walking on ice, mud and slush is not very endearing. For some reason, Itunes picks Crowded House’s “Always take the weather with you” [YouTube Link] while I am writing this post. Vague lyrics fill the room.

Julius caesar and the roman empire
Couldnt conquer the blue sky
Theres a small boat made of china
Going nowhere on the mantlepiece

Snow covered bench/ Trinity Square Garden Drop on iron railing2
Snow becomes ice Trinity Square Garden

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0 Responses to Snow in London, Frozen Hands etc.

  1. Yuva says:

    me likee…
    actually, this winter is much better than last year… and year before.
    and is snow in london bothers then good-bye warsaw and good-bye moscow..;-


  2. Rezwan says:

    Its snowing here in Berlin too. But its more like tiny flakes of snow in early morning rain as the day progresses. The trees are all white. But the roads are clean.


  3. mumbaigirl says:

    After the initial prettiness it depressed me hugely.


  4. Sujatha says:

    10 cms snow = delayed flight in London = missed connection in Frankfurt = husband coming home late. 😦

    I was under the impression that London gets more snow than this on a regular basis.


  5. …. Am I glad I live in San Francisco ?


  6. snand says:

    great feeling that weather can be so intresting.All of us die,but not all of us live.Am happy that someone is living fully.In India a lot of money is to be spent to see,experience and enjoy snow.


  7. Pavithra says:

    L-o-v-e-l-y. And somehow lonely.

    On a tangent – would you mind revealing what camera you use?


  8. Yuva: Global Warming?

    Rezwan: We just had that brief interlude for a day. But Berlin sounds fabulous!

    mumbaigirl: I think the prettiness fades when snow turns to slush with the mud. And it all becomes strangely quiet and still.

    Sujatha: Oww.. Well, London hardly seems to get any snow. Just windy mostly.

    blue-dot-green: Well, are you?

    snand: A lot of people live in the hills in India you know? They get snow for free.. umm..

    Pavithra: Thanks! I use a Canon S2 IS. And yes, snow has that “stranding” effect – physically and emotionally.