Goodbye DR

DR flies back to India today. Uncharacteristically, I find myself wishing she was in this country for a while longer. When we got to London in July 2005, the first few months away from familiarity were unusually hard. But in a few months DR was in Reading. It’s not like we met too frequently, but whenever she came down to London for a few days, it was an overdose of fun. We met in 2002 and our rooms were opposite each other’s in the hostel. Both of us have a unique weakness for Hindi film music, and many an afternoon were spent dancing and waking others up while they were indulging in their catnaps. I kept borrowing her ironing box, and she developed a strange addiction to slapping calamine on her face thanks to me.

The last one and half years we lived half our lives on Google Talk. We’d work together and play songs in the background. She is one of the most ardent readers this blog has ever had. From a previous post about her

Our hostel was a particularly beautiful one. We each had a wonderful balcony large enough to fit a mattress. In the evening, when the crows slept for a while before they went nuts at midnight – the campus would be drenched in the sounds of birds, running squirrels and falling leaves.

She put my faith back in girls who came from Calcutta. She wasn’t what is commonly refered to as the naika (how do you define it – excessively coy?) variety. But maybe that is just my bias. (Yes, I know it is. I can imagine my friends from Calcutta coming with a frozen fish to beat me up.)

Here’s the cute little podcast we did of her singing “Sweet Marie”.
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Among our favourites was this wonderfully sappy and light mooded number with Revathi and Salman Khan. [Link to YouTube video.] Hope the journey back home is pleasant DR. We’ll miss you.

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0 Responses to Goodbye DR

  1. artismarti says:

    it’s always hard when you move away from friends or they move away from you.
    and, omg, i LOVE the Saathiya song! it’s so nice to hear it again.


  2. Vi says:

    Perhaps your paths will cross again soon.


  3. manjushri says:

    this number was fav in our friend circle too when we were in our teens


  4. Serhiy Slipchenko says:

    “Both of us have a unique weakness for Hindi film music”

    – if both of you have a weakness for this music can you elaborate how your weakness is different than hers since you claim it is unique ?

    please don’t be peeved.genuine doubt so i ask..


  5. artismarti: True. I am discovering sappier sides of the self suddenly.

    Vi: As she reminded me “It’s not like I am dying.”.

    manjushri: Such a cute and romantic number isn’t it?

    Serhiy Slipchenko: The weakness is unique. There are fewer weaknesses than human beings – I think! But my weekness was for the rowdy, and hers for the romantic. 🙂