Look Ma, I won the GV Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest!

I finally win something! No, it’s not one of those fake Spanish scam Lottos, or 20% off cosmetics at some pharmacy. I won the Global Voices Valentine’s Day Poetry contest! Nicholas Laughlin who provided much mirth at the GV summit in Delhi does a wonderful post, balancing all the poetic acts, and he has some very kind words for my little poem. The entire post is worth a read. You know he’s spent time reading every poem, and has found something to love about each of them. As you can see, humility is not the cake of the day. We opt for the smaller, but preening pastry of proud fruits. The entry is here.

Madam, I am 28, single.
I live alone, and nobody
has my Orkut password.

I have never had a girl
friend. Madam, I think
I am lonely. Are you?

Scrap me with your
ladyfingers. On IM we
will profess online love.

Don’t tell me you are
married. Does not say so
on your very public profile.

On Valentine, I hunt for
empty scrap books. I am
finding your lovely self Madam.

My other entry is here. My personal favourite had to be this one though!

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0 Responses to Look Ma, I won the GV Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest!

  1. shoefiend says:

    Lovely! Many congratoolations. What did thee win?


  2. anon says:

    Congratulations Neha! I have been reading your page from quite sometime now. Never commented anything though!

    Great work! Keep writing.


  3. shoefiend: Dankyoo. I wish I could say I won a set of eversilver dawara-tumblers. But it’s likely to be laptop stickers!

    anon: Thank you for reading ..


  4. Serhiy Slipchenko says:

    such lyrical eloquence..Saint Valentine smiles in his grave
    wonderful !


  5. Vi says:

    Congrats; loved the poem. πŸ™‚


  6. dipali says:

    poignant pome! Congrats


  7. tanvir says:

    Congrats Neha Apu. On a sarcastic note, this poem goes to all lonely people looking for love over internet πŸ™‚


  8. shekhar says:

    congrats, da. πŸ™‚


  9. Silky says:

    do u remember..once in class 7 or 9 i think, u wanted to enter a poetry contest that some newspaper or the other had come up with? do u remember what happened when varsha told ur mom?
    loved the poem by the way


  10. Anu says:



  11. Nilu says:

    saandrorin pugazh yathenil, ivan porul pamaranum arivan.

    I understand the poem.


  12. Firstrain says:

    Congratulations! πŸ™‚ oh n cheers to Orkut too πŸ˜€


  13. Revealed says:

    Loved it :). And also Zz’s second which you mentioned.


  14. Serhiy Slipchenko: Wouldn’t that make a perfectly morbid gift on Valentine’s? The picture of a saint smiling in his grave! πŸ™‚

    Vi, Dipali, Sekhar, Firstrain, Anu: Thanks.

    Tanvir: C’mon – Don’t be so harsh on the protagonist!

    Silky: Wasn’t that a really long time back! Well, consequences of such entries sent to vague newspapers are better kept between us!

    Nilu: Onnum purilai.

    Revealed: I was quite sure Zz’s poem would make it. He did get the object of affection right.


  15. ammani says:

    This is a very funny poem and a very deserving winner. Congratulations!


  16. Belated congrats Neha!! Can’t wait to read your entries for next year!!!


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