You, Me and Dilli

There was a time when I cringed everytime a new Punjabi pop album was released. Track after track of mind and feet numbing Bhangra arranged with little imagination or creativity. Played by boys in their cars in Delhi, thumping the belly of the streets with repetetive beats and the same “Soni Kudi, Desperate Munda” theme.

Then came Rabbi Shergill. Somewhere in this blog, are posts on that wonderful song called Jugni from his first album. He’s back with the soundtrack of the movie Delhi Heights. As with other Rabbi Shergill numbers, one has to listen to them a few times to get a feel for them. Listen to the songs here, or watch the video of one of the songs – Dilli on YouTube. That song Dilli has a faint sense of U2 or Dire Straits for some reason.

The tracks are nowhere as fabulous as the ones on his debut album. But it’s hard to outdo oneself I guess. I am developing a fondness for some of the numbers, the more I listen to them. Suddenly though, Delhi is missed.

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  1. shekhar says:

    hell. that is the same bike i have. and thus it comes to be that i miss delhi, my bike, and being on the bike in delhi.
    life sucks. 😦


  2. shekhar: So you’re basically telling me you had a bike? 🙂