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Poem: Love across the longitudes

It’s morning for me, and night for you. Or sometimes, the other way round. I am bursting into song, morning exploding through the windows. You, are driven into the traps of your longitude. It’s night for you. I wonder, now, … Continue reading

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My sneakers smell worse than yours! There!

You call those rotten? Thirteen-year-old Katharine Tuck’s sneakers smell as bad as they look. Now, at least, the Utah seventh-grader can afford some new ones. On Tuesday, she out-ranked six other children to win $2,500 in the 32nd annual National … Continue reading

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Kishore Kumar, an interview from 1985

We’re back in a retro mood. There are these rare spaces in each week, when existential questions are put aside without any effort. There’s this interview that Pritish Nandy did with Kishore Kumar that’s a complete gem. It’s a little … Continue reading

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Remember INXS?

I’ve heard this song more than a few times over and over. I used to like INXS at one point in time, but somewhere they went so pulpy and unrecognizable with all the face change that the band slipped through … Continue reading

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Poem: Her solitary wish tonight

Nine years ago, my friend, a little taller than me, with nice thick, curly hair and I, stood in front of the air cooler. We were singing. Our some- what hormone tinged chords, distorted by the gust of air. Half … Continue reading

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Links for 2007-03-26

Adverts in a 1959 Railway Timetable. Lovely adverts in a Pakistani Railway Timetable published in 1959. Rustam Bicycle, Tibet Toothpaste and Toilet Soap, West End Watch Co., Bombay Cloth House and other delightful things! (tags: history pakistan media advertising)

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Remembering Maya Bazar

One of the regrets I have is not knowing Telugu. Caranatic Music becomes all the more incomprehensible because so many of the songs are in Telugu. As a child, I was fascinated when my mother conversed in the language with … Continue reading

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