Ugli Fruit

Why would they call this poor fruit Ugli? Paavum fruit. (Sri pointed this one today.) We laughed for a full minute before feeling profoundly sorry for it.

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  1. i also felt the same way when i saw it for the first time- then i was actually conflicted about whether eating it would make it feel better or if i should spare it. such a dilemma! 🙂


  2. Revealed says:

    And of such dilemmas is life made :P. Maybe it’s pronounced Oogli?


  3. dipali says:

    Poor fruit. Maybe in its place of origin ugli means gorgeous or yummy or something. Research required!


  4. dipali says:

    Research done- its called ugli ‘cos its kind of misshapen.
    That sounds mean, especially as it sounds quite delicious. Haven’t encountered any in my sheltered existence so fa


  5. Rohinton says:

    they DO seem a little sad sitting there 🙂


  6. girl from ipanema: Heh! Do tell how it tasted. Suddenly though I find Ugli fruit everywhere. In all the various supermarkets and department stores!

    Revealed: An oogli for Mowgli?

    Megha: Yekkov.. what aawww?

    dipali: Thank for you doing the research. This is my first glimpse of the ugli fruit. As a tripute to the misshapen – I propose I go and eat one a week.

    Rohinton: Oh yes. They were also whining.