Remembering Maya Bazar

One of the regrets I have is not knowing Telugu. Caranatic Music becomes all the more incomprehensible because so many of the songs are in Telugu. As a child, I was fascinated when my mother conversed in the language with our neighbours. She grew up in Hyderabad, so she spoke it fluently. When I lived in Hyderabad, I didn’t really have much of a chance to learn the language. Though I did pick up some of it when I traveled around in Andhra Pradesh. My mother insists that Telugu sounds “sweet” to the ears.

I was listening to this fabulous song from Maya Bazar (1957). Now Maya Bazar was made in Telugu and Tamil almost simultaneously. Though the movie is a good two and half decades older than I am, it’s almost timeless! The song that kids loved was the Kalyana Samayal Saadam (trans. The Wedding Feast), replete with references to food, savouries and sweets! The song is pictured on Gatotkacha. I love the way the song has this deep laugh. It completely makes me giggle to this day. This is where you can see the Tamil version at YouTube and the Telugu version (Vivaha Bhojanambu) here. There is this part, where the plates and pots of food just gravitate towards Gatotkacha, and he becomes larger in size, and gobbles it all up! He just opens his mouth, and the laddoos go flying into his mouth.

Sri is the first to admit that I butcher Telugu. Having grown up in Hyderabad, he speaks it well, and I fear that my mother and he conspire in this language right in front of me. I also seem to think that if you add an “oo” or “ulu” to a Tamil word, it becomes Telugu. Apparently that is not the case. Anyhow, one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard must be Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo from the Telugu version of the film. I don’t understand it entirely, but it sounds absolutely divine. The Tamil version is wonderful too, but some how I have come to prefer the Telugu one. Abhimanyu and his love interest – Vatsala are in a boat in a shimmery, shiny, silvery lake in the moonlight. The song is so perfect, you wouldn’t change a thing.

I wish it was easier to find DVDs of these old movies in the UK. I am suddenly most keen on seeing this movie after last seeing it when I was nine.

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  1. Zero says:

    Thanks much for this post.


  2. B o o. says:

    Thanks a tonne for this post Neha! My daughter and I spent 5 peaceful minutes watching the song together. Bliss!


  3. B o o. says:

    I meant the “Aaha Inba Nilaavinile” song.


  4. anantha says:

    Saambhar rocks!


  5. km says:

    Dude, you bring up the weirdest references πŸ™‚

    I distinctly remember watching that feast sequence in a Hindi movie when I was a kid. Does anyone know what I am talking about? (Exact same thing – ladddoos streaming into some mythological demon’s mouth….)


  6. Srikanth says:

    This is one of my all time favourite movies.
    It is also a great movie technically considering the amount of technology available in film making in those days, it was tough to make anti-gravity movement of food into ghatotkacha’s mouth and lot of other scenes.
    The most hillarious scenes to this day are from this movie, involving “Lakshmana Kumara”

    Thanks for the post. It defintiely is a refreshing one to remember…

    btw, I havent seen tamil version as I donot understand πŸ™‚


  7. prakash says:

    Excellent One. Thanks.


  8. dipali says:

    what fun- despite not knowing either Tamil or Telugu, it was great fun watching such enthu gluttony!


  9. GG says:

    Your mom’s opinion is shared by my dad. He thinks Telugu and Bengali are the sweetest languages of India. πŸ™‚ Too bad I don’t know the language. Will check out the DVDs.


  10. WA says:

    What a beautiful post Neha, very nice indeed


  11. πŸ™‚ My tamilian B-I-L has the same misconception- so he refers to watch as “watchu” and glass as “glassu” and thinks he’s being funny.

    Vivah bhojanambu was such great fun! Even though I can count the telugu movies I have seen off the fingers of one hand, I’m glad this was one of them.
    These are some great memories revived! thanks for this post!!


  12. tinkertoon says:

    mohtarma, aapka bada naam suna… so dropped in to pay homage.. (is that only for the khalaas folks? hope not)… you seem an interesting mind to converse with… in the universal language… silence… (but you can think in all languages you know.. love or hate)

    btw, that post on bearhug.. and the poem readout in a fabricated tone… commendable attempt… and a silky voice, if i may.


  13. Zero: Welgum!

    B o o: Did Ashu like it? πŸ™‚

    anantha: I just you haven’t deeply offended rasam.

    km: There was a Hindi Maya Bazaar too. Same one?

    Srikanth: I just think it was perfect entertainment. All I know is that I get really hungry after watching that song. πŸ™‚

    prakash: Welcome!

    dipali: You want to see gluttony… hhmmm!!!

    GG: My mother seems to think it’s very .. gentle on the ears. I don’t know about her opinion about Bengali though. Though she imitates Bengalis speaking in Hindi very well.

    Anon2: Thanks! Taking cue from you, found the Tam version on Google Video as well. A little harsh on the eyes.. but oh well.

    WA: I can’t promise you Kalayana Samayal Saadham – but I should tell you that the idlis are coming out real nice!

    Girl from Ipanema: You mean it’s not funny? (Gasp!) Luckily though, it makes Sri laugh. So I am in the clear! I think this is the sort of movies one probably saw with cousins during the summer vacation, on a VHS tape from the video library or something…

    tinkertoon: Eh?


  14. @ Neha: Hehe. Sri must be really nice. πŸ˜‰ and yeah exactly! the summer vacation movie watched while sitting on the floor in a huge group of cousins and eating mangoes πŸ™‚
    @Anon2: thanks for those links! yeah, they’re not the best quality but it’s great to be able to see it atleast! πŸ™‚


  15. Naren says:

    Nice song… I mean the Tamil version!

    I remember a Nokia ringtone similar to the tune of this song.

    This site says the song was inspired by ‘Laughing Samba’


  16. megha says:

    Oh please. At least you know enough Telugu to butcher it. I have a Telugu mom and I cant speak a word of Telugu. Right. So I’ll kill myself for admitting that on a public domain now.


  17. fire eater says:

    Sometime when i had been to hyd, picked up a 2 part casette of the whole movie(dialogues and songs). Don’t know how many times i wld hv listened to it.
    (My bro flicked it and I am yet to get it back!)

    The other day hubby got me the vcd and to my dismay realised it was in tamil and didn’t have for me the charm of the telugu version.

    Check out “aaha na pellanta” and “sundari neevanti” in the same movie it’s as much fun as “vivaha bojanambu” πŸ™‚


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  19. WA says:

    aahaa naalaikku lunch unga veetla dhaannu me thinks


  20. mumbaigirl says:

    That is the most weridly fascinating thing I’ve seen in a while. What strange things you get me hooked to. First “suppose unnai” and now this. My dad thinks Telugu is very sweet too.


  21. Guruprasad says:

    I have actually a 3-part VCD of this movie with Chakra, a couple of years back when I was in UK.


  22. Jace says:

    I heard the Tamil version and mistook it for Kannada. Then I heard the Telugu version and mistook that for Kannada too. I’m losing my language.

    The belly laugh in the Telugu version is somehow more convincing.


  23. anantha says:

    Neha: Saambhar = Gemini Ganesan’s nickname!