Remember INXS?

I’ve heard this song more than a few times over and over. I used to like INXS at one point in time, but somewhere they went so pulpy and unrecognizable with all the face change that the band slipped through the CDs. I don’t know yet if I like the entire song. There are some parts when it sounds positively screechy, but it’s got a lovely beat to it. Some google digging results in this information

The meeting of Sona and INXS happened during the Aussie band’s India tour last year. “They liked my voice and were sure that it would complement JD Fortune’s,” says the marketing manager-turned-singer, adding that she is lucky to have worked with such a well-known band early in her career.

Lower your expectations before you hear the song though. It’s pop. It’s a slightly annoying arrangement. But for some reason, you keep playing it to figure out what exactly is so appealing. Maybe it’s the pop angst, or the nice twang in the background. I first heard it a few months back and forgot about it. But poking through YouTube brings me back to it.

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  1. I have never been a huge INXS fan but I heard them play ‘Afterglow’ in a live concert in Mumbai a few months back and felt weak-kneed.


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  3. megha says:

    I actually had a h.u.g.e crush on Michael Hutchence.

    I never really liked INXS but I valiantly tried to force myself to like them because I thought Hutchence was hot (ha ha).


  4. Tanvir Anwar says:

    I loved the song afterglow. the new vocalist JD is definitely well chosen. Maybe INXS will never produce another cool song like “never tear us apart” or “mystify”, but the new album “Switch” contains some very good track too, like “god’s top ten” and “hungry”. Reminds me of the old songs Suicide blonde or Elegantly wasted. Do I need to say I am a big fan 😉


  5. gauravonomics: Yes, your weak-kneedness is rather apparent! I have to admit, the song is mildly addictive.

    megha: You mad woman! INXS is just a shadow of its former self though.

    Tanvir: Yes, I see you are an ardent fan! The new vocalist is great and does fit in, but I suppose the magic of INXS was in their early days. Now they sort of sound .. (their other stuff that is) much like the others..