Poem: Love across the longitudes

It’s morning for me, and night for you. Or
sometimes, the other way round. I am
bursting into song, morning exploding
through the windows. You, are driven
into the traps of your longitude.

It’s night for you. I wonder, now, if
Rahu, the snake that swallows the
moon, (Such weird appetites our Indian
snakes have.) hops across the smoky
urban skies, from my city to yours.
Celestial snakes putting up performances
of gobbling the moon. When sitting,

I ask you with eyes, how many hours
are the lovers actually together. You
tell me you are sleepy. That you will
call tomorrow. Suddenly whisper “Your
today, my tomorrow.”. Yes, yes, I nod.
By now I know. I’ll be waiting.

We speak for ten minutes. You forget
time. You hear the soft gurgle of pearls.
Remember, that it’s evening.

How could we hold hands? My today’s
hand, your yesterday’s hand. We find
a quiet corner, in which our words float.
We pour love into these cusps. Across
the globe, a crescent runs, (or meanders).
We sit on the ends. Holding our phones,
touching our keyboards, you
say, this is love, across the longitudes.

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0 Responses to Poem: Love across the longitudes

  1. Lalita says:

    Darling Neha, you just took my breath away; and also the point of my next post. Ah, the hours my Aussie pal and I argued about whose time is real. Then there is the torture of doing math, adding hours to GMT when you mail or message him or her, is it morning there now or is it midnight, and all that. Missus Em sniffs in regret.


  2. dipali says:

    Very poignant. I guess its bad enough for lovers to be separated by space alone- the time differences seem to make it even worse.


  3. Vi says:

    One of my favorites from you.


  4. Lalita: Here, Missus Em can have a box of tissue. 🙂 Yes, it’s all rather complicated isn’t it. Almost sapping the romance out of it. I’ve also discovered that a 12 hour difference is easier than a 5 hour one.

    dipali: Oh Sigh! But rather be separated by time than thought perhaps?

    Vi: Thank you so much.