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Poem: A good city to fall in love

Bombay is a good city to fall in love. My lover lives eight train stations and two full bus-stops away. Ten rupees of distance between us. Courage comes easy. The city pocked with couples, suspended in amour. Wet monsoon shivers, … Continue reading

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Revisiting genius

Am watching a fabulous clip from the Tamil movie Thevar Magan (possibly one of my favourite movies). Imagine – two geniuses not stealing the performance from each other. Each understated enough to let the other shine. To think that this … Continue reading

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Ta Ra Rum Yawn

I am an optimist. I tend to hope that movies will turn out better in their two and a half hour format than the trailers. I obviously, need to have my head examined. Ta Ra Rum Pum we went for, … Continue reading

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Poem: Us on a bench

Imagine me, melting on this bench. A book drooping its pages onto my hand. My fingers tell me that your blue denim creased my face. I open half of one eye. You like me sleeping you say. Ease the eyelid … Continue reading

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Or how a mild drizzle can make me rant

Who would have thought I’d enjoy the wet weather here today? I repeatedly crib about the moodiness of the sun. The sudden spell of drops tend to put me off. But today, with rr, as we crossed the Tower Bridge, … Continue reading

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A constructed view

It doesn’t matter what this building will finally look like. Or how its monstrosity might ruin the current skyline. Or that it will eventually throw a shadow so dark on streets around it, everything drenched in an even deeper shade … Continue reading

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Don’t you dare touch my Dosa!

I cannot digest this. If Indian Railways has its way then soon idlis and dosas will be on their way out from the railway cuisine. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC ) is planning to introduce a … Continue reading

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