W/W will get new clothes

Today, we hope to play around and change the theme a bit – so you might find that every refresh on the page brings up more quirky arrangements. Bear with us and be kind about the outcome okay?

I think the look and feel of this blog MAY drastically change. (Yes, I will take screenshots of the current avatar and sob over them.)

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0 Responses to W/W will get new clothes

  1. km says:

    Oh, excuses excuses. The paying janta wants its money back.

    Or at least the old look.

    //kidding. the template’s ok, but your comment-space and the sidebar are merrily fused into one.


  2. Patrix says:

    Love this theme.


  3. Twisted DNA says:

    While this theme is good, I am sorry to say Neha, I expected much more spectacular theme after all the teasers you been giving us. So you chose to keep it simple?


  4. perspective inc: Well, the deed is almost done now. But it needs a lot more work on it I guess.

    km: *Shudder* Yes, working on these fusing, toppling bits. Ahem, and where exactly is this paying junta. Why haven’t I met these people before?

    Patrix: Thanks. I think it’s a little boxy for my kind of writing – but it feels nice and easy on the eye.

    Twisted DNA: Yikes. I have limited skills. Spectacular themes unfortunately need too much work on them. Sigh.


  5. Rezwan says:

    I like the new look. Especially the fellow resting.