Revisiting genius

Am watching a fabulous clip from the Tamil movie Thevar Magan (possibly one of my favourite movies). Imagine – two geniuses not stealing the performance from each other. Each understated enough to let the other shine. To think that this movie was only released in 1992. I have to struggle to think of anything even remotely as good as this scene from any of the movies released in the last eight years.

As I post, I am gazing with much wonderment and other such things at a wonderful piece from Mouna Ragam (definitely one of my favourites).

It’s a little tragic that such moments of brilliance can only be revisited in nostalgia.


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  1. megha says:

    It is lamentable that such brilliance can only be revisited with nostalgia. But what are you saying Neha? Dont you like ‘thimiru’? Or ‘Thirrittu Payale’? Or that movie which set the precedence for most of the puke we’re force fed today, ‘Pudhiya Padhai’? come on now!



  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ i loved this movie…. watched in a balcony seat that I paid Rs 3 for!!! Those were the days…


  3. P.Monteiro says:

    Totally agree with your emotions about these movies. I feel good to find more young people appreciating good Tamil movies.
    Where have all the ideas gone in Tamil movies?. It is only blood and silly now a days.. hope the full circle will take place soon..


  4. Theena says:

    Aye, tis brilliant. Seeing Kamal and Sivaji share the screen, and the incredible chemistry they bring still brings goosebumps.

    I’ll put this a few notches below Iruvar though. For a brief two and a half hours, Mani Rathnam put a Tamil film and placed it gently along side the epic masterworks that have influenced him: Godfather, Raging Bull, etc.

    Epic, unspeakably beautiful and close to flawless as Tamil films ever got.