Ta Ra Rum Yawn

I am an optimist. I tend to hope that movies will turn out better in their two and a half hour format than the trailers. I obviously, need to have my head examined. Ta Ra Rum Pum we went for, and a damp Ta Ra Rum Pum we got.

There’s something to be said about using a famous city as the backdrop in a movie. I am not saying that every movie needs to be celebrating the space in which it is located. Every movie is not supposed to be Manhattan. But it would be nice to actually “use” the city. As always, this is not a review, just a set of notes on a movie that could have been so much better. (Note – plenty of observations are just spoilers.)

1. Why did Rani Mukherji have the worst hairstyle in Bollywood history? You either have curls. Or have a fringe. Not Both. Every ten seconds, I just felt like grabbing a flat hairbrush and yanking her hair back to some level of sanity.

2. If you had to have an annoying sidekick as a “best friend” for Rani Mukherji, can you please keep her for the rest of the movie.

3. What is it with kids saying “best, best, best”? If they spent so much on that kid’s schooling, the least they could have done was to ensure she managed to speak in coherent sentences.

4. Ipods were launched in 2001. Not in 1999. Not the model Rani Mukherji was using anyway. In fact, if I was an ipod, I would be very upset with the movie. One small fall and her ipod stops working?

5. Why wouldn’t a person who races cars for a living have insurance?

6. Are there no traffic cops in NY City?

7. How can you just pick up a grown (well-groomed) dog that walks into your lawn and declare him to be yours?

8. Where in Manhattan do you have mansions like the one in the movie?

9. Why is this movie called Ta Ra Rum Pum?

10. You know there’s trouble ahead when the best actor in a movie is a dog with a total screen-time of about 4 minutes. The dog was adorable actually. I just wish he’d bitten some of the characters.

You know, these questions don’t usually creep into your mind if you actually enjoy a movie. Yes, I believe that’s my fundamental complaint. I was just annoyed with it. Actually, I think a suitable sequel would be to show the kids turning out to be serial killers, and how it was all because the parents chose names like Champ and Princess.


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  1. Adel says:

    Totally agree. The movie was crass and so was Rani. I was upset that I had to watch this of all movies in the newly renovated Satyam Cinema.


  2. prakash says:

    what tararampam? movie? ennamo ponga 🙂

    one rikkostu : while posting images, it would be better if you resize ( reduce) the width of the image as the body over flows and the side bar is pulled down. I have this habit of reading GVO headlines from here.. so….


  3. 30in2005 says:

    I agree with the seial killers bit (and this is without seeing the movie) and that turn of events could be with most inane movies made these days!!!

    Once again a non-thought through script/ story.


  4. Nilu says:

    summa iruntha sanga thaan, narasama oothittu…


  5. shoefiend says:

    Idhunaala dhaan indhi padamla paakakoodadhu-nu sollara. 😛


  6. Are you actually saying I SHOULDN’T watch it?
    YOU not recommending a movie where a … ummm, well-built? healthy? gravitationally challenged? … woman gets to dance around in mini-skirts and pipples bilibhs she ij sesskee?

    So selfless only, no?



  7. Srikanth says:

    I was actually trying to go to the movie(for a record, I rarely watch movies. the last one was around two years ago) this weekend, but didnt find tickets…
    fortunate me, that I am saved of some insanity.


  8. 🙂 damn.. i was sorta looking forward to a saif movie… i love the tamil comments


  9. Uma says:

    This is it, I wanna watch some rubbish movies too. Maybe will spend the weekend watching South 4 You.


  10. Uma says:

    PS: Andha trailers ellam paathuttu poi full length padatha paakuravungala enna solradhunnu, theriyalai


  11. Dawn says:

    WOW…this is what exactly I felt and I feel it as my words 🙂


  12. Raccoon says:

    While I didnt like the movie either, I have to comment on Points 5 and 7:

    Point 5 – why do you think he didnt have any insurance? Maybe thats what paid for all his medical bills. Of course, theres no insurance against losing your job or not being able to pay EMIs.

    Point 7 – A lot of pets are abandoned everywhere – in India and the US. So it is perfectly possible to adopt a grown up dog of a good breed who may just have walked in from nowhere. In the US, such abandoned pets are killed if noone claims/adopts them within a specified number of days.


  13. Subbu says:

    Race drivers are not covered with Insurance, due to their proffessional hazards. But the team they race for more or less provides them the required money for everything after an accident.

    I felt the movie crappy too… worstest…