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Fiction Fragment: The therapist next door

Janaki maami was nervous. New neighbours are unpredictable. But it excited her a little nevertheless. There was a whole new household to gossip about. And a whole household to educate. What time the water flow was weak, which uncle in … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: Her son’s photographs

Jagadambal is concerned. Her son is 28 and still single. Her heart sinks at the thought of a grown Iyer man having to make his own meals. Having to sort out his own laundry. He went there at the tender … Continue reading

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The Cake Car

I am simply in love with the advert for Skoda Fabia. Every time it airs on the television, I sit and giggle with great joy at the sight of copious amounts of cake. If I had to buy a car … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: In which Kantha gives her Muesli

She wonders how careful she has to be. Three years in some foreign land isn’t a long time. But some habits change. The body becomes more vulnerable to dust. Though, in her memory, pollen in India never really disturbed her. … Continue reading

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Tamil Film Trivia

100 points to those who can figure out which movie had this marvelous line. “Nonsense of the Stupid of the Idiot!” —-

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What block?

I can only speak for myself, but I’ve always felt that there’s nothing called a “writer’s block”. But how do I explain the fact that for the last few days, I don’t really feel like writing. The only thing that … Continue reading

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Links for 2007-05-16

Dubai – Ban maids under 30 Because the government likes to play nanny to adult women! “The Indian minister for women and child development has called for a ban on women under 30 to work as domestic help in the … Continue reading

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