Links for 2007-05-16

  • Because the government likes to play nanny to adult women! “The Indian minister for women and child development has called for a ban on women under 30 to work as domestic help in the Gulf in a bid to curb sex trafficking, it was reported yesterday.”
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  1. N says:

    hmm…looks like they’re following the wonderful lead of the Sri Lankan government. When in doubt…blanket ban…because we know that always solves problems.


  2. dipali says:

    Are all women over thirty no longer sexual beings and hence not in need of such ‘protection’?


  3. ThinkPink says:

    i think both governments are missing the point of preventing prostution, etc. with the age barrier.. it’s pretty stupid anyways.. because most of the the folks coming in as domestic helpers into Dubai, Bahrain (wonderland), and the ME at large come on forged passports.

    Their age on paper is one thing and when they end up at safe houses or shelters for abused women, the truth comes out.. their real ages and the usual suspects are the employment/recruitment agencies.

    Enforcing an age ban is pointless as long as passports can be forged and people come in country on other people’s passports, i think security at airports of origin, or wherever the ladies begin their flights from could do with better inspection of passports *winks* Maybe it’s time to go with biometric passports. *smiles*


  4. Shilpa says:

    More wonderful news from our very own soil:

    The Karnataka Labour Minister Iqbal Ansari proclaims it illegal for women in the state to work after 8PM.

    The sorry sod actually has the gall to justify it by saying he’s trying to ‘protect’ women. So, in other words, it is the women’s fault for getting raped in call-centre cabs at night – NOT, the government’s, which failed to provide adequate street-lighting, or night-time police patrolling, or enforcing security prerequisites on the companies which employ these women; NOT the men who eye women out of the homes after dark as ‘prey’; NOT the men who victimise these women, NOT the companies who failed to ensure their employees’ safety, NOT the retarded mentality prevailing in the Indian society that justifies to itself their collective right to decide how women should live and what they should do.

    This is beyond pathetic, beyond all logic, all sense of justice to me. I’m so angry..i don’t even know how to react anymore.


  5. Amit says:

    well, not exactly the first time Ms.Renuka has exhibited her idiocy level. its a sorry state that most of the ministers & policy makers have an IQ level below 90. 😦


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  7. ThinkPink says:

    India Counts, why couldn’t you just send an email to Neha instead? πŸ™‚ Or is that an attempt of self-promotion on her blog? πŸ˜‰

    On second thoughts, what’s the largest blog directory got to do with the blog posting? πŸ˜›


  8. megha says:

    Post pannu, you lazy bum.



  9. Uma says:

    yeah, exactly. Its not like you to keep quiet for so long. Enna achu?