The Cake Car

I am simply in love with the advert for Skoda Fabia. Every time it airs on the television, I sit and giggle with great joy at the sight of copious amounts of cake. If I had to buy a car today, I’d buy this one. [YouTube link to advert.]

I was pointed to this video – very cutely called “Baking of the Advert“. Hee Hee!


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0 Responses to The Cake Car

  1. shoefiend says:

    My favourite is the jelly headlights! yummy


  2. dipali says:

    Wow! Zimbly amazing…..


  3. justine says:

    I am sold on that car! 😀
    Imagine parking it in a gingerbread garage…


  4. megha says:

    I dont even like cake, but after looking at this ad, I wanted to buy that car. Jeez.


  5. Sangeeta says:

    nah the car still doesn’t appeal but I do like cake 😀


  6. Blue says:

    Mmmmm…. cake car….



  7. Sheetal says:

    I completely agree with you, I just love the ad. The best part is when the man holds the wobbly jelly to stick on as headlight. Wish we would be living in the world made of chocolate.


  8. shoefiend: Mine too! Everytime the jelly light comes on – i cheer for it!

    dipali: Heh!

    justine: I just think I might eat the steering wheel. Hard parking without one.

    megha: I get the feeling the car is targeted at women. At least that’s the little worm thought Sri gave me.

    Sangeeta: 😀

    Blue: Yes.. MMMM

    Sheetal: Such precious thoughts. But too much chocolate without other flavours can be a bit boring no?


  9. vulturehaven says:

    Yes yes…yummy ad. Leaves behind such a good feeling. Creativity knows no bound these days. Especially when it comes to advertising. 🙂 makes me happy because I was once an advertising professional.

    And I continue to simple love you.