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Poem: On Flu – Part II

I’d rather have a cold than a cough, Witness this phlegmatic morph. When I have the flu, I feel smaller, From a Wife I become a tiny Wifelet, Won’t you please, make me an Omelette. My head hurts, and throat … Continue reading

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Poem: On Flu

To the weather, submit the meek, Not a Monday, but middle of the week, Yet everything is a hazy shade of blue, For those who sit and wait for the flu. Out of the window, eucalyptus smells, Home remedies, and … Continue reading

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Tagged: Indian Writing

Tagged by Madrasi Chick, I am forced to ponder about “Indian Writing”. I grew up in RK Puram. RK Puram, originally named Rama Krishna Puram is a huge development in South Delhi, meant for housing Central Government employees. As things … Continue reading

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Sivaji: Err.. Not So Cool!

If you’re inordinately fond of watching Rajnikanth on the screen, Sivaji gives you your money’s worth. For starters, the superstar is on screen for about 97% of the screen time. In fact, there are hardly any scenes without him. You … Continue reading

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Poem: The Kids in the Magazine

She shows him a magazine, smelling slightly of an aircraft. In-flight reading in the hands of two eight year olds. They flip the pages with (puppy) fat fingers. She likes this car, he likes that blue bottle. At a certain … Continue reading

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A weekend in Zurich

Switzerland for the kids in India who grew up in the 80s and 90s was just this vast patch of green as captured in movies. Film after film from Bollywood suggested that the only place to honeymoon was in Switzerland. … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: The Tamil Economy

In Madras, a group of very old women with sharp tongues discussed the perils of extinction. What if in ten years from now, no Maamis were left? Maamis are the very core of the economy in Tamil Nadu. They buy … Continue reading

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