Give me your DNA, I shall tell Gothram

This made my day. All you perverts indulging in relationships within your gothram, under the pretense that you have no idea about which one you belong to – pay attention! Your excuse is no longer valid.

Our SINGLE DNA REPORT includes a 37-marker test that can either be used for a male desiring to find out his gotra or be taken by a brother or other male relative of a female seeking to know her father’s gotra. In other words, it is for ONE of the pair of two people who might order the HINDU DOUBLE. A sample collection kit is FedEx’d to the testee if in the United States, or sent by express mail if outside the U.S. After the results are received from our laboratory, an evaluative report is prepared indicating whether possible gotra associations of surnames in the relevant genealogies of the testee’s paternal line. Females must have a male-linked relative such as a brother, father or paternal uncle take the Y chromosome test for them. Matches are made to samples in Indian population genetics and forensic literature, and correspondence is indicated for those fellow gotra members who can be contacted.


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0 Responses to Give me your DNA, I shall tell Gothram

  1. dipali says:

    what amazing use of technology!


  2. km says:

    aiyiyo..what if my wife’s family discovers my mutant superpowers?


  3. kavi says:

    “Tegnology has imbroved so much yaa” !! 🙂


  4. kamla bhatt says:

    The “Hindoo Double” sounds quite an interesting offer…but $500 sounds a bit too steep. I love their description…”evaluative report” …I don’t believe I have heard of the word “evaluative” ever before…maybe I need to re-read my dictionary.

    Thanks for sharing this link.



  5. mumbaigirl says:

    What? Can’t understand..pliss explain.