Indians MOST concerned about carbon emissions, apparently

This has to be the funniest thing I’ve read in ages.

Indians cared most about carbon emissions, with 55 per cent describing themselves as “very concerned” about the issue while just 32 per cent of Britons felt the same way, the survey conducted by Seattle-based research group Global Market Insite found.

The survey polled opinions from 14,000 people in 14 countries to gather solid data on how people feel about climate change, Dee said.

1000 people surveyed in India? Please excuse me while I go die of laughter.


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  1. Most ‘studies’ don’t make much sense. But even a study that asks a mere 1000 individuals could be effective if the population is correctly sampled. Unfortunately, the Rediff article doesn’t link to the original source, so it is impossible to check the demographics of the study.


  2. kavi says:

    What ! They must have checked with people working in a environment NGO, Greenpeace et al ! They didnt ask Manmohan Singh !


  3. rishabh says:

    “… gather SOLID data…”

    And as Mr Gump puts it, ‘Thats all I’ve got to say about that!”


  4. Nilu says:

    Ramnath R Iyer. Tell me, why do you have ‘indhi hangover?


  5. Srikanth says:

    I dont know why such “surveys” never come to me 🙂
    They will have wierd surveys on all kinds of subjects, but I havent heard any one whom I remotely know being surveyed. Dont understand their “survey process”


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  7. Manu Stanley says:

    Please don’t laugh at it. India is taking some laudable steps towards carbon-emission (but slowly, as usual), especially since the Kyoto protocol. Also our contribution towards the entire atmospheric C is as less as 7%. Organizations in India (Private sector) is promoting the clean energy initiative held high by the World Bank.


  8. AlgoMantra says:

    class CarbonEmission():

    def __india__(self):
    print “BREATHE”

    while running:
    c = CarbonEmission()
    print “close your eyes”