To Crystal Palace Railway Station

On Friday, rr and I went to the Crystal Palace railway station. Just so we could gape at it. It’s strangely old world, with huge arches and generous staircases thrown all over it. For some reason it reminded me of some of the railway stations in old towns in India. Slightly moffusil. Red bricks, with creepers growing out of the wall. Giant and empty. rr and I decided to make strange noises and hear the echoes. And took lots of photographs.

My camera, incapable of anything wide angle couldn’t quite capture how lovely the station was. But the convex surveillance mirror caught a large part of the station on its shiny surface. While flipping through the photographs, I was struck by how much this particular photograph reminded me of MC Escher‘s art.


I have said this before, but the character of ruins in London is very different from the ones in Delhi. They are not deserted or crumbling. They are either listed buildings or heritage buildings. Which is all very joyful for a history loving heart, yet, they seem “unruined”. Almost as though the ruin is constructed. The little piece of graffiti at the station appeared to bring to life its history and age. In a way that careful fences and souvenir shops cannot.


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0 Responses to To Crystal Palace Railway Station

  1. dipali says:

    Amazing place and wonderful photographs!


  2. No wonder! Things like these must have made it easy for JK rowling! 🙂


  3. Melissa says:

    That is a GREAT photo! I have (a similarly styled) one of me and my sisters in a Hong Kong subway mirror – and while I love the photo because it’s a fun family pic – this one is much more striking. Nice …


  4. tinkertoon says:

    not a soul in sight… what hour did you visit the place?


  5. Beks says:

    This is a fantastic photograph – it has such magic in it.


  6. Jace says:

    This is picture is rather like an MC Escher drawing. Very nice.

    (Currently in Beijing, where Flickr is blocked. Recalling from memory.)