Poem: On Flu

To the weather, submit the meek,
Not a Monday, but middle of the week,
Yet everything is a hazy shade of blue,
For those who sit and wait for the flu.

Out of the window, eucalyptus smells,
Home remedies, and mother’s spells.
I give you this, another paracetamol,
Moody is mercury, refusing to fall.


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0 Responses to Poem: On Flu

  1. Broom says:

    will you do the lulu.com thing already, woman?


  2. Uma says:

    you poor thing, I do know of someone who you ought to be blaming for the flu. Broomy – what is lulu.com?


  3. Broom: Someday.. Someday..

    Uma: Am actually waiting for the flu. Sri has had his one week fling with the flu. And I forever seem to be “almost catching it”. Which means a moody cough and a fitful cold. But yes Broom is to blame for it – because she cast a curse on the five of us yesterday. Lulu.com incidentally is a place where you can publish your own book – complete with an ISBN number, and even sell the book and keep the royalty.


  4. Southways says:

    A upset stomach, potential flu and lots of mango pickle. I say, madam, I think something fishy (or should I say sambari, in honour of your vegetarian status) is going on here.


  5. dipali says:

    This sounds so familiar- hubby and flu don’t make for a very good combo!
    We’ve just been through it, with paracetamol as our best friend in the whole wide world….Such a relief to have him well enough to pack off to office!
    However unkind I may sound, I was quite kind, actually-with the soups and plenty of liquids etc. Hope you stay well- I had my bout about a month ago, am still not feeling 100%. Good excuse for me to not do what I don’t feel like doing!


  6. Nilu says:

    Write one more poem no.


  7. You haven’t got it yet? I have.



  8. Southways: Beware, I live very close to where you work. I could do absurd things like send flowers to your office under strange names! Muahahah!

    dipali: I think I was rather nice too. I can only hope Sri agrees. But eating the right food seems to solve half the issues. Warm belly etc. And isn’t paracetamol just wonderful. I suppose I could write an Ode to Paracetamol.

    Nilu: What? And make the flu last longer?

    JAP: You don’t crib. You are sarkari. I am dead sure there are millions of junior sarkari babus running about to nurse you back to good health!