Poem: On Flu – Part II

I’d rather have a cold than a cough,
Witness this phlegmatic morph.
When I have the flu, I feel smaller,

From a Wife I become a tiny Wifelet,
Won’t you please, make me an Omelette.

My head hurts, and throat itches,
Everything is slow, I move by inches,
Tissue paper over, I give you a holler.

I start rhyming when I have the flu,
I am regressing, yes, it’s true.
I sit surrounded by snot and balm,
Now, don’t ask me for the capital of Vietnam.


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0 Responses to Poem: On Flu – Part II

  1. Broom says:

    Yes, it’s true.
    Please get well soon.


  2. Get well soon dear! though I must say the poems generated are good 🙂


  3. Uma says:

    aaaawww hope you feel better soon. Take care x


  4. dipali says:

    She ‘s got it, by George she’s got it!
    Neha, YAFINSI ( you asked for it now suffer it- but you seem to be enjoying Sri’s ministrations. Get well soon. The pome is rather nice, but is it worth the flu?


  5. Lalita says:

    Very Ogden Nash, but that was what you were aiming for. Get well soon, atishoo!


  6. kavi says:

    So you have the flu noi…
    Capital of Vietnam..that Hanoi !

    Get well soon !


  7. Paavani says:

    very nice poems.
    Now get well soon 🙂


  8. km says:

    Endearing…especially the last rhyme 🙂

    Feel better, N.


  9. WA says:

    oye feeling better yet?


  10. Thank you all. 🙂 Still recovering. And yes, Dipali. Enjoying exactly that!


  11. ashok says:

    excellent poem..haha… “inFLUenced” by FLU….haha