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Indians MOST concerned about carbon emissions, apparently

This has to be the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. Indians cared most about carbon emissions, with 55 per cent describing themselves as “very concerned” about the issue while just 32 per cent of Britons felt the same way, … Continue reading

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To Crystal Palace Railway Station

On Friday, rr and I went to the Crystal Palace railway station. Just so we could gape at it. It’s strangely old world, with huge arches and generous staircases thrown all over it. For some reason it reminded me of … Continue reading

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Supermarket 2.0

Via Dina, this hilarious video on a Supermarket going 2.0 [Supermarket 2.0]. Some really hilarious references – including Quakr and Watr. – Supermarket 2.0 Watch out for the part when the “user” holds up an egg, and asks … Continue reading

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Poem: I am an ant

I tell you I am an ant. And bring small carved pieces of fresh green leaf. You tell me you are Chinese. Deep fry to crispy gold, and eat me. —-

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Fiction Fragment: On Hyacinth

Pushpavalli decides to finally take the plunge. Her first Brown Party. A social occasion where Indian people gather and discuss mortgages, politics in India and the cheapest place to find parboiled rice. It isn’t loneliness that drives her to it. … Continue reading

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Give me your DNA, I shall tell Gothram

This made my day. All you perverts indulging in relationships within your gothram, under the pretense that you have no idea about which one you belong to – pay attention! Your excuse is no longer valid. Our SINGLE DNA REPORT … Continue reading

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Stray Thought

When dinner is Reddy, I am Rao-venous. PS – Yes, this might have lost you your appetite. —-

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