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Poem: An Apple and Hanuman

Halfway through an apple, the overwhelming sweetness, forces you to compare. The sky here in the evening has streaks of pale pink of soft ballet shoes. But it’s never quite orange. I think of myself as Hanuman, leaping towards the … Continue reading

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I am a Malayali, wear a thin lungee

What a delightful song! Queen’s I want to break free sung in Malayali style. Among other things, the song talks about being a Malayali, wearing a lungi and being a card holding member of the Marxist party. My father never … Continue reading

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Aisi Deewangi, School Bus rides and the Early 90s

I am grateful to YouTube. Among other things, for holding early 90s treasures like a song from the film Deewana called Aisi Deewangi. I am instantly transported to afternoons on the school bus. Going back home. The bus driver liked … Continue reading

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Losing my friends

Broom wants me to lose all the friends I have left. Or she wouldn’t have tagged me with this vile and criminal tag. She insists I do it. And to be honest – everyone is. All of us. We form … Continue reading

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Borough Market and photogenic tomatoes

The weather is strangely moody today. We woke to a rather cloudy morning. Dull and heavy. It began to pour later. Not the usual drizzle, but a small dose of thunder and fat drops. When the sun finally came out, … Continue reading

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A phone call, and it’s all Broom’s fault!

Broom and I have a brief conversation on our mobile phones. During which, as is customary, we say really mean things to each other. About how the other is simply not smart, intelligent or cute enough. Things go as usual. … Continue reading

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Look Ma, my photos got published!

I am experiencing the sort of gratification that amateur photographers hope for. In the post today, came a book that I had forgotten all about – Synagogen. Die Schönsten Gotteshauser des Judentums. Don’t ask me what that means, because I … Continue reading

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