On Die Hard 4.0

One very good reason to watch Die Hard 4.0, is that nobody else can hear you cough and cold in the theatre. With all those guns, missiles and other things going off, your piddly little sneezes are drowned.


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  1. WA says:

    endha padathaiyum vittu vekiradhillainnu plan-aa? Not sure how you could go to the cinema with a flu though. Wonder how many people you’ve passed on your germs to


  2. tinkertoon says:

    another reason (generic… for watching any movie); next time someone tries to bring up the movie in a discussion/blogpost/phonecall, all you have to say is “yeah… i saw it… ” and then not more than 3 words which could be :
    kinda liked it
    its well made
    bundle, bakwaas…

    don’t you think this cold/cough/sneeze business is going on for too long? with all the Indian medicos leaving UK soon, you better get yourself treated quickly ;0)


  3. Srikanth says:

    Thats a good comment. I have till now not taken my daughter to any movie theater. I was thinking about how she would behave there, because either she gets cranky or continuously keep questioning.
    Here I can be rest assured that none will be disturbed 🙂


  4. Twisted DNA says:

    You are right. It also drowned my sarcastic comments every time a hacker did something impossible in the computer world. For heavens sake, they are connecting to private IPs (10.x.x.x etc.) from the internet. I don’t know what to say.


  5. Aman says:

    and you cant hear the Noisy,,crying…Kids in the theatre…or ppl chatting over whats gonna happen next!!!


  6. WA: Have a heart. Flu is gone, just the cough and cold had to be tackled with. 🙂

    tinkertoon: I have to admit, it was an entertaining watch. There’s only so much intelligence I can take. For a while, the entire movie felt like a grand spoof. As for the cough and cold, it takes its course.

    Srikanth: There’s one thing I enjoy in the theaters here – no wailing kids. Either they’re drugging their kids, or they’re bringing them to the movies. But there are the mandatory slightly drunk people who make a lot of noise. With adults like them, who needs kids!

    Twisted DNA: Haha! Like I said – it was gloriously silly.

    Aman: But no desi movie should be seen in a quiet hall – no fun really.


  7. luke says:

    whats the band called and song title of the band on Farrells computer just before he gos to press delete on his computer????