A phone call, and it’s all Broom’s fault!

Broom and I have a brief conversation on our mobile phones. During which, as is customary, we say really mean things to each other. About how the other is simply not smart, intelligent or cute enough. Things go as usual. She hangs up. Says she will call later.

My landline rings. I half expect it to be her. I get a thick American accent on the other end asking me if I would mind answering some questions as they want to know my opinion about something. For some reason the call didn’t feel genuine. And I had a feeling it was Broom disguising her voice, or getting The Girl to do the imitation. (Trust me, Broom is completely capable of such tricks.)

Firstly, I start laughing. And I mean laughing real hard. The voice on the other end doesn’t give up.

Me: Hee Hee. Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. Hee haa hooo.
Voice On The Other End (VOTOE): Ma’am, is there something wrong.

Me: Hee Hee. I know who you are silly!
VOTOE: Excuse me?

Me: This is your second call isn’t it. You think you can fool me? Anyway, ask what you have to.
(I am very sure that Broom is going to ask me something absurd and embarrassing)
VOTOE: Ma’am, to proceed, can you please confirm you are above 18.

(Am still dead sure that it’s Broom)

Me: No, I am eight years old.
VOTOE: I am sorry, in that case we cannot talk to you.
Me: Yeah, right.
VOTOE: You don’t sound that young though.
Me: Wait, let me call my Mommy. Mommmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

VOTOE: Okay, okay. Thank you for your time.

It’s then that it hit me that it wasn’t a prank call by Broom. Felt like such a fool. And felt really bad. Dear Call Centre Lady – I never meant to be rude. It’s all Broom’s fault.


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0 Responses to A phone call, and it’s all Broom’s fault!

  1. thats right.. blame the broom that cant defend itself.


  2. Broom says:

    how do you know it wasn’t me?!

    besides, you should be glad – you found a way to make call centre folks hang up.


  3. SM says:

    So now’s a good time for people to make prank calls on u!!!!


  4. the mad momma: This Broom is different. It runs after you and hits you. Jhadoo!

    Broom: Because you just aren’t that smart! Hemph!

    mumbaigirl: :))

    SM: Yes, I am warned. All calls shall be screened by my mother!