Borough Market and photogenic tomatoes

The weather is strangely moody today. We woke to a rather cloudy morning. Dull and heavy. It began to pour later. Not the usual drizzle, but a small dose of thunder and fat drops. When the sun finally came out, rr and I walked to the Borough Market.

There is something incredible about unpackaged vegetables in crates, waiting to be picked up. Though I confess that I get annoyed with people who pick up fruits and veggies and sniff them, and put them back in the crate. At the market, rr and I happily glued ourselves to our respective cameras. The veggies at the Borough Market looked fresh, sprinkled with water and devoid of layers of plastic wrapping. The sheer colour. Yellow lemons, red tomatoes, redder peppers, green sea weed and purple aubergines. In fact, I think more people probably go there letch at the food, rather than buy. rr and I figured we could have an entire meal just walking from stall to stall, sampling stuff.

I never quite realized how wonderfully photogenic tomatoes are. More photographs here.



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  1. ok – umm.. err.. some unsolicited photography gyaan :p… The pic may have come better if not for the glare of the lights on the red of the tomatoes.. basically in soft light..
    but the reds always form an interesting thing to click nevertheless ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Do I err.. get judged now? :P)


  2. Twilight Fairy: Gyaan is always welcome. However, these tomatoes have water on them and were in a crate under the shining sun. So it was all natural light. Since I never use flash anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ The light wasn’t really a factor I could control unfortunately.


  3. Anil says:

    Almost too red to be true.