Aisi Deewangi, School Bus rides and the Early 90s

I am grateful to YouTube. Among other things, for holding early 90s treasures like a song from the film Deewana called Aisi Deewangi.

I am instantly transported to afternoons on the school bus. Going back home. The bus driver liked to keep up to date with all the latest film songs. As was (and is) with the cheaper cassette players, the tape was played a little faster than intended. As a reason, I remember this song being a bit more fervent-beat filled than it actually is.

I also remember that Divya Bharti was a rage at that time, and that she died a year after this film was released. I think she was one of the first “famous young people who died young” that kids my age registered. And when it comes to absurd connections, I also remember that Kurt Cobain died exactly a year after Divya Bharti died. To the date. I don’t think they both are aware of the connection.

Deewana had such an absurd plot. But that was the fun of it. Alka Yagnik’s voice is so high-pitched that my goosebumps hurt. It’s too screechy for you to be able to sleep, but also repetitive enough to lull you into blank stares at Delhi in the scorching sun. To this day, I cannot listen to the song without my hand reaching for a glass of cool water. So much for afternoons in the school bus.

The early 90s are a strange orphan. Not as lyrical as the 70s or 80s perhaps. Their fashion sense strangely devoid of aesthetics. The movies becoming louder, but in a way, lacking the finesse of later productions. To say this is the “20th century”, was cringeworthy. Because, dude, it was nearly the end of the century. The heroines knew they had to wear something short. But everything was so frilly. Their hairstyles, their frocks. It wasn’t big. Just frilly. Cable television had entered the market, but it was still alien.

Then Divya Bharti died. It was almost only five years to the millennium. Sushmita Sen won some crown. Frills were out, and the next century claimed – because you know “It’s almost the 21st century.”. The early 90s, like awkward pre-pubescent kids chewed gum, and almost immediately, the frills from the frocks and polka dotted scarves disappeared.


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  1. Primalsoup says:

    Hehe, nice nice. We only listened to Anup Jalota and Narendra Chanchal in our school bus rides. At 3:30 PM hearing, man mein ram and tan mein ram type music was hardly conducive for pointless nostalgia or sleep. But since it involved a call out to the divine, we shut up. Thankfully with college, one discovered Blue Line buses and Altaf Raja.
    When I think of Divya Bharti, I remember this another film called – Rang. Some love triangle nonsense that had this random song called, Hum tum something lift ke andar, bijli chali jaayein, andhera hi andhera ho…
    I was fascinated with that song for many reasons. Most significant being, I had hardly used a lift until then. I thought, it was rather posh and the way to find love. Heh.


  2. Nilu says:

    School bus was an alien concept. I am sure you ate non-brahmin lunches.


  3. Sines says:

    Except that polka dots have reappeared (I dont know how much in bollywood movies) but definitely on the stands of Lord & Taylor.


  4. km says:

    Kurt Cobain and Divya Bharati.

    *shakes his head*


  5. aparna says:

    you’ve brought back such fond memories babe…remember Saajan?? Pehli baar milein hai…?? And Snajay Dutt’s hair style??


  6. Rashi says:

    It’s so weird but even I was reminiscing about the chubby Divya Bharti few days ago….but my imagination surely didn’t take such an ambitious flight….Kurt Gobain and Divya Bharti….lol

    I definitely agree with you about the early 90s….thankfully for the audience the pre-pubescent phase did not last too long…


  7. Ambar says:

    “I don’t think they both are aware of the connection.”



  8. firstrain says:

    Heehee – I remember it “Saat Samundar…” was Vishwatma that made her famous and then there was the Govinda starrer “Shola aur Shabnam” :O I am surprised at my memory!


  9. Shobha says:

    I was 8 years old when Divya Bharti died. I remember that I was quite upset about it. I guess even Rajiv Gandhi died in the same year or a year before that. I was heart broken when that happened. I thought he was quite handsome, hehe and that’s why I was upset. But yea….most of the filmy numbers of the 90s make me extremely nostalgic. I used to look forward to watching these songs in Chitrahaar, Chhayageet, Rangoli etc.


  10. mumbaigirl says:

    That was horrible. The music…everything. Died laughing as it started. That hair, those jhatkas…


  11. Primalsoup: Our bus driver played bhajans only in the morning. By the time it was afternoon he needed visions of jhatkas. Given the condition of Delhi roads. Wasn’t Rang released after she died? Man I remember that song sooo well.

    Nilu: Only cities had school buses. Mm.

    Sines: Polka dots continue to chase and haunt us. I cannot stand them. Sometimes they scare me. Especially on scarves.

    km: Heh! Maybe it was a pact? Tu maregi toh mein bhi maroonga types.

    aparna: I knew a girl crazy about Sanjay Dutt. I used to just shake my head in bafflement. And this was in his strange-puff on head hair days. Saajan was a masterpiece. They might as well have replaced Madhuri with a cow.

    Rashi: I feel sort of bad for the Early 90s – It started well with movies like Dil – but I think the other flicks – even the hits like Aashiqui are somehow disowned.

    Ambar: πŸ™‚

    firstrain: I think those are unforgettable tracks! Hard to get them out of your mind. They’re also in a strange way – addictive. High pitch screams and all.

    Shobha: I think the early 90s saw the launch of DD Metro also. I have nightmares of Baba Sehgal presenting Superhit Muqabla.

    mumbaigirl: You love horrible don’t you? πŸ™‚


  12. Patrix says:

    Deewana was the perfect example of Bollywood kitsch. Probably that’s why it was loved so much. Especially in this song with SRK and his ‘cycle mein hawa bhar raha hai’ type dance moves and running toward each other during the stretched ‘naaaaaaaaam likh diya’


  13. Patrix: Cycle mein hawa bhar raha hai!!! ROTFL! (Waise, hawa tyre mein bharte hain!)

    Now I can’t get that image off my mind!


  14. Sunny says:

    Yep! That was also a time when Ajay Devgan used to have wavy hair falling halfway down his face… and the actors’ college friends used to run behind them on streets, singing and dancing with policemen.

    Umm… or maybe they still do that! Dont they? [:D]


  15. Shobha says:

    Oh yea…how can I forget DD Metro! I remember that was the only time when me and my parents used to watch the Kanoon, Junoon and the likes…hehe…Well, after the onslaught of Sun TV, my parents conviniently forgot all the Hindi serials and our TV viewing preferences changed completely….We have nothing in common now except for news channels… πŸ™‚


  16. rebel says:

    Oh that was really nostalgic!
    I rber Divya Bharti, it was such a rage then, bcos everyone kept saying that she ws really pretty and died so early.

    And who can ever forget those frilly frocks! Rber Urmila before Rangeela happened! Manish Malhotra is God to a lot of actresses!

    And the jhatkas. The pelvic thrusts! Those were THE movements in Bollywood cinema!


  17. mumbaigirl says:

    No I don’t! I switched it off after the first few moves! Give me vivaha bhojanambu any day!


  18. I loved that song… and I fell in love with SRK!!