A random memory: Cows, Monkees and a Song

Weather is a strange memory-generator. I say generate, because sometimes I am not quite sure if the memory is real. Or if it’s a memory I want to have. Or if it’s someone else’s memory that I have internalized.

Going back to the weather, today, while walking with NB I was thinking of how barren the streets of London are. There are no animals. Especially in The City, even dogs are rare. I sometimes miss the sheer zoo-like character of the streets back home. In Delhi, cows were always branded with initials of the owner or the dairy farm. Sector 3 in RK Puram, where I lived for about ten years, was full of cows with the letter J stamped on their rumps.

One day in the afternoon, when the weather was exactly like it is today, my father and I wondered what the initial J stood for. For some reason the name Jay Delaney came up. It was the name of some character in a James Hadley Chase book. After that whenever we saw a J cow, we yelled Jay Delaney at it.

So the weather reminded me of cows, and that reminded me of monkeys in Delhi. The word monkey made me think of this song – Aao Huzoor Tumko. There is a band that plays in the background of this song with the name “The Monkees”. And so it was, that in my mind this wonderfully soft and lovely song began to play.


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0 Responses to A random memory: Cows, Monkees and a Song

  1. Sines says:

    One thing that I do not miss about Delhi are the stray dogs. I am scared to death when I see a dog and inevitably every afternoon I would return home from school there would be a stary dog sleeping on the stairs leading to our apartment…ahh just bad memories.


  2. tinkertoon says:

    … how you spelt monkees made me remember this Maths teacher in school who’d have this famous line “watch out you monkees and dunkeys, else i’ll play piano on your buttocks” and he literally meant it… using broomsticks often on many a petite bumpkins like us…

    now of course, like you mention, the memory might not be real or someone else’s memory that i’ve internalized, but am i myself quite the same guy who sat dumbfounded in this class, when I guffaw out loud everytime i think of those episodes?

    btw, apologies for being rude on the poem post… i sometimes get critical beyond criticality (whatever that means)


  3. Sines: I love dogs – street dogs included. Luckily, haven’t been bitten by one so far.

    tinkertoon: What an awful teacher to have! Sometimes I see myself in the memory, like it’s a movie or something. It gets weird after a minute or so. 🙂