Poem: Paattu Class

khirkee masjid/ sparrow
Amma, I am confused. The
teacher today kept singing
about some lotus feet. It makes
no sense.

How can anyone walk with
feet like that? I don’t like
music. I will not go for
paattu classPaatu Class – Music Lessons.

Exasperated, the mother looks
at her little monster.
“Someday, an andril paravaiA mythical bird which can apparently separate milk and water.
will come and explain it all
to you. The bird is so intelligent,
it can even separate milk
and water.”.

Why would anyone mix the
two in the first place, Amma?
“I don’t know kutti, but I
think your mother-in-law

Then, Amma, I don’t like
music or husbands.

PS – For some reason, I am not happy with this poem. In my head, it was in Tamil. But the translation is somehow watery. My Tamil isn’t good enough to allow poetry. But there’s something about this thought that I like.

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0 Responses to Poem: Paattu Class

  1. IdeaSmith says:

    Ah…pattu class. But at least you understood some of what you were being made to sing…I didn’t. But this poem brought back some memories with the tamizh fragments.


  2. Siva says:

    I think the bird you are referring to is Annam. Andril is famous for its love.


  3. Ideasmith: I remember struggling with telugu lyrics and not knowing what they meant. Used to drive me up the wall.

    Siva: I could be wrong. 🙂


  4. km says:

    Lovely little poem, Neha.


  5. dipali says:

    Such a little gem of a poem:)


  6. Jamie says:

    I don’t know, I am always happy when I come back to your blog and read a new work you’ve shared.


  7. lekha says:

    feeling something close to nostalgic…:)


  8. Vi says:

    Sigh, paattu class. Somehow, the only thing I can remember from mine is that the maami would slap our hands every time we missed the thaalam.


  9. Mallik says:


    who said its bad!

    All the best.


  10. Hawkeye says:

    if jayalalitha can have lotus eyes/cheeks why cant some one have lotus feet 🙂

    P.s: in reference to song “thamarai kannangal” – which my paatu teacher MGR tought me


  11. vellai_iravu says:

    rustic and intimate, the lines are subtly sprinkled with a few forgotten emotions….fantastic.