Weather, music and QSQT

Just as I finished cribbing about the weather, it swirls around and changes completely. The sky is a strange brown-tinged cloudy mess. You can smell the thunderstorm a few miles away. Sometimes it starts with a dust storm, sand flying in from the Thar, sticking to your head, and entering your eyes. You squeeze your face into an ugly jigsaw and spit out fat grains of sand. Just then, a cloudburst. And the more intense the dust storm, the more the whole world smells of mud.

Outside the sandstorm has swallowed all the buildings. Everything is a hazy sepia ghost. Hopefully it will rain soon. But this is great weather for a walk and a brief visit to the nearest teashop. For some reason, it makes me think of this cute song from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. I had almost forgotten how lovely and teasing this song was. And such wonderful references to a “gazab ka din”. On that note, I really think I should try and see QSQT one of these days.


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0 Responses to Weather, music and QSQT

  1. Broom says:

    QSQT is my favourite Hindi romance film. I watched it a couple of years back & expected it to be totally dated & cheesy – but it was still a great movie.
    Romeo & Juliet – Dilli style!


  2. Pri says:

    this is my all time favourite song.
    i say that a lot…
    but this one really is.


  3. Suchi says:

    It’s a beautiful song, isn’t it? I remember it as the quintessential song of first love: it’s both innocent and flirtatious, but there is always the suggestion of a serious romance.


  4. neha says:

    i rem being really depressed at the end of this movie, and it just got worse when the sad papa kehte hai began to roll. i also rem my dad rewinding the tape to this song, and me being happy all over again 😉


  5. Soundar says:

    Am a bit of a sucker for descriptions of preludes to the first rains.

    Always remember Khushwant Singh’s translation of Bara Mah and most recently Suketu Mehta’s description in Maximum City, which I re-read recently.

    Except, Mehta’s can only be set in Mum/Bom/bai/bay, as the first rains are actually of airborne debris, plastic cups and bits of hoarding.

    Sorry to spoil the imagery, but there you are!


  6. aparna says:

    There was a time i knew ALL the dialogues of QSQT by heart! And now u have compelled me to look for that dialogue cassette (ye, i bought it then) and listen to them again.