Today I am heartless and old

Yesterday while gulping hot momos in a mall in Gurgaon, I was suddenly struck by how similar many of the younger girls looked. It’s possible that I am older and therefore jealous of these nubile young things, and find ways of dismissing them entirely. But on a more serious note, I have trouble telling them apart. But even that is alright.

I know that there is a reason why you have a generation gap. Time, change blah blah. But perhaps the gap sometimes shrinks, especially around the years in which so much changes, that in two years an entire city can be constructed or can morph into something else.


On the other hand, Delhi can bring out the most aggressive in me. My body language changes, my tone is sterner, I am less forgiving and more annoyed with people. This poor chap for instance, waiting for someone annoyed me to hell. Why would anyone wear a shirt that says just “Single” on it. It’s not even followed by something cheesy or smart. Plus, he was wearing yellow shorts. He really wasn’t doing anything evil. I wondered if he’d put on lots of weight and wear a “Double” tshirt.

And then, I put it all down to unresolved jetlag and general astonishment. Poor chap. Hopefully he won’t be single for too long, if that’s what he wants. I really shouldn’t have glared at him.


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0 Responses to Today I am heartless and old

  1. general aggressiveness does come back yes..but that’s India not Delhi.. esp after videsh :P.

    but poor chap in yellow shorts, looking like taxi πŸ™‚ .. itna toh desh mein rehne wale log bhee nahi dukhi hote aise namoono se πŸ˜› πŸ™‚


  2. anantha says:

    Just wondering, did the back say anything? i mean, the obvious “Ready to mingle”, which I’d have thought was clever because of the placing of the message spread cross either side of the tshirt. Else, I totally agree with you. Namoona only!


  3. megha says:

    *is unable to take eyes away from psychedelic yellow shorts*


  4. LOL! Wait – you’ve just landed. spend a little more time for more namoonagiri. on the other hand, gurgaon is full of the callcentre kids from small towns (like mine!) who are just itching to dress like namoonas so that they can go home and look very obviously delhi-returned.


  5. Twisted DNA says:

    “Hopefully he won’t be single for too long”
    With those shorts? If I were him, I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

    You mentioned something interesting “generation gap.” I am stuck in a decade old time-warped image of India, every time I visit India, I feel like I have a generation gap with people of my age.


  6. firstrain says:

    I wanna be in Delhi too! 😦 Have a nice time. And the “Double” observation was the best πŸ˜€


  7. Anil says:

    Maybe he is one of those men who have no problem with being single. I hope he’ll be lucky enough to remain single for a long, long time. But, why do married women glare at men who profess to be single? Fear? Insecurity?


  8. IdeaSmith says:

    Hmm…Delhi and the post-25s are having the same effect on me. Hahahaheehee however to the wisecrack on DOUBLE! πŸ˜€


  9. I says:

    cultural degradation gap.


  10. Lalita says:

    He will gain weight and wear a tee that screams ‘double’, so? You are irritated now and will be irritated later. The poor chap, his only crime wearing a tee you didn’t like the slogan of, being dissected and dissed by your readers.


  11. Anil: Eh? Too many bad bollywood movies lately?

    Lalita: Have a heart. I said I was being cranky no? You wait till you get cranky on me next time. (Furious mental note)


  12. Soundar says:

    Youth and only Youth can do, wear, say and listen to what, how, when and where it wants.

    Case in point was a youngster from my cricket club I ran into. He had his entire left , front and some of the right down to a buzz cut.

    Just the spot to the rear and the right grown was long, which he had colored brown and spiked.

    (Wish I had a shot to show)
    I would have been utterly self conscious , with that kind of a cut, but no, not he, he was the cock of the walk!


  13. dipali says:

    Bechaari grouchy jet-lagged Neha encountering the tee and gawdhelpus yellow shorts! Sympathies….


  14. chills says:

    ……… hmm.. was the guy cute to look at?..


  15. Pri says:

    who in 2007 rolls up their sleeves on a tshirt?


  16. jillumadrasi says:

    that yellow shaarts is romba too much.


  17. Keith says:

    I have found that the once narrow generation gap has gotten much wider as I have gotten older – HA HA ! but the new younger generation has fresh new ideas and different ways of looking at things and I think that is a good thing.